Millman Arranges Voting Machine Demo Monday

jsw_joan_millman1State Assembly Member Joan Millman, who chairs the Assembly’s Election Law Committee, has arranged for a demonstration to educate voters on the use of the new electronic voting machines, which will be used for the first time in the primary election to be held September 14. The demonstration will take place at the Raices Times Plaza Senior Center, 460 Atlantic Avenue (at Nevins Street) this coming Monday, July 12, from 10:00 a.m. until noon. There will be more such demonstrations at future dates; for information concerning these please contact Millman’s Brooklyn office at (718) 246-4889.

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  • Matif

    Is it really education when the idea is to convince people that it is better to vote with opaque voting machines?
    Elections, to be democratic, must be transparent, according to the international organizations like OSCE.
    Modernity is not using technologies that keep the people far away from the heart of elections (counting the ballots), but to fully include the people in this processus: this would the right way to increase participation

  • Obama?

    Electronic voting machines are reportedly highly corruptible! What in the world is Millman thinking?

  • Reggie

    Aren’t these the machines that will be in place soon, perhaps even this fall? If that is true, the preceding comments have a ‘train has left the station’ quality to them.