Biviano Slams Millman for MTA Mess

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

Brooklyn Heights resident Doug Biviano, who is challenging incumbent Joan Millman in the September 14 Democratic primary for the nomination to represent the Heights and nearby areas in the State Assembly, was seen on Montague Street last week carrying a cardboard poster of his opponent with the words “After 13 years as our Assembly Member…MTA CUTS Not My Fault”. “Why isn’t Joan Millman showing leadership on this issue?”, Biviano asked. “Millman has not offered one way forward. Brooklyn deserves a representative with a strong voice and the engineering know-how to get the job done in these times of need.”

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  • Andrew Porter

    The MTA is not a NYC agency; it includes the LIRR, Metro-North, and other transit lines. What I want to know is why Millman hasn’t acted on the BP oil spill?

  • David G

    It looks like Biv is joining the MTA deniers club. It’s great to see another pol fail to understand what Jay Walder is doing to balance the budget and also play politics with it’s future solvency.
    more info here:

  • Nathan H.

    Andrew, the seat in question is for the New York State Assembly, precisely the part of the government that first created, still (barely) funds, and ultimately controls the MTA.

  • Obama?

    Millman seems deeply embedded in the rampant Albany corruption.

    It’s time for change.

  • ashton

    right, a self-serving n’er-do-well like biviano is just what we need in albany.
    he’s used to barely working so he will fit right in.

  • Isaac Newton

    Joan Millman has no solutions in her recent newsletter. It basically states that there is a problem, and gee wouldn’t it be nice if there wasn’t this problem, but I will stand on Smith Street with a group of people to make it look like I have some opposition to something, but not sure what it is. She doesn’t want people to be laid off, doesn’t want bus service to be cut, and has no solutions to anything, just doing “her best”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t represent my viewpoint or my vote.

  • Morgan

    Millman is not a nice lady. Nice ladies don’t chair the election committee which pass laws that allow incumbent to win elections unchallenged. Nice ladies do not remain silent when their co-workers are put in jail for using their office to rob from the public. Nice ladies do not collect lulus 12,500 each year for committees that never meet, while services are being cut to their district.

  • Fred

    Joan Millman has no solutions and seems to be able to do nothing but hold press conferences to tell us how bad the cuts are. If we reelect her, you can expect more cuts in services, closed fire houses and our children’s class sizes going up. We need someone with some fresh ideas and some guts to stand up for them. This Biviano guy might be just the right person to give Albany the kick in the ass that it so desperately needs.

  • nabeguy

    morgan, she’s a politician, so the concept of “nice” is a foreign one, regardless of her gender.

  • Reggie

    Prediction: Millman wins because incumbancy trumps an empty suit. Biviano does well enough to encourage serious candidates for Millman’s seat to begin organizing by the end of this year. Millman sees which way the wind is blowing and does not run for re-election. Race for open seat in two years.

  • T.K. Small

    It all depends who has the has the Democratic machine. Biviano is so ardently opposed to the system that it would surprise me if the machine ever gives him support.

  • someone

    ashton, don’t know what information you have that the rest of us don’t, that you believe justifies your insult, but it seems to me that DV does quite “well” and works hard. I hope he can find a way to Albany.

  • someone

    sorry db not dv

  • PJL

    And how does Biviano propose to ‘fix’ the MTA?

  • Doug Biviano
  • PJL

    Interesting idea… what would be the realities/practicalities involved in making this happen?

  • Doug Biviano

    The chances are good if you get some leadership. First, you have to have plan and my plan actually attacks the core long term problem of the MTA — debt service. The reality is that there is no way around going to the Feds with a reasonable request. Yet, out of the 210 plus Albany legislatures, not one has a plan period (google “plan to restore MTA service cuts”). Remember, I’m a Cornell educated Civil & Environmental Engineer with a Professional Engineer (P.E.) credential and an understanding of engineering economics.

    If you want to discuss further, call me anytime (917-257-3652) or grab me on the street. I will be available should I make it to Albany with your support.

    IT’S ALL UP TO YOU. Together we can make a difference. But I need your support NOW to spread the word (Vote SEPT 14), to contribute, to participate. Thanks.

  • Canonchet

    I stumbled across Biviano’s paper Millman doll almost literally as I attempted to mail letters at the High St. subway entrance mailbox to which he had taped it, obstructing access to the mail slot. He was rather petualantly irked when I asked him to move it. I have no brief for Joan Millman, but she at least appears to have a demonstrated command of public policy and policy decorum as well.

  • T.K. Small

    This comment relates to the tone of Biviano’s message and not so much to the actual merits of his proposal. In saying “Remember, I’m a Cornell educated Civil & Environmental Engineer with a Professional Engineer (P.E.) credential and an understanding of engineering economics.” it is a bit condescending. Personally I like Doug but I think he should be a little more careful with this part of his campaign.

  • Doug Biviano

    TK, didn’t mean that tone at all, sorry if came off that way. My credentials get lost sometimes (i.e. the Brooklyn Paper) and just wanted to remind some folks that I understand finance calculations and bring a different skill set to the table as an engineer.

    I’m also trying to bring everyone into the fold by making myself available and recognizing that it is not me alone or the characters in Albany that our democracy depends on…

    It’s you — It’s all up to you!