Marty Markowitz at City Chemist

Brooklyn’s Marty Markowitz and the City Chemist Opening from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo.

City Chemist opened its doors today, and who should swing by but Marty Markowitz. Marty’s enthusiasm enhances any party, press conference or store opening, and this was no exception. I could go on but I’ll hand it over to Mr. Markowitz, the Duke of Kings County.

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  • AmyinBH

    No giant scissors? A ribbon cutting just isn’t exciting without giant scissors.

  • lois

    I was very impressed by this latest addition to Montague Street and think it will do very well. (Can’t say the same for the fourth nail salon on the block. Reason for the delay in opening? Passing Landmarks. It got approval from the Dept of Buildings in two weeks but had to wait four months for Landmark approval.

  • Obama?

    Somehow Landmarks has Big-Brother like control over private property & business. The very least they could do is issue their decrees in a timely fashion.

  • ashton

    a lovely store. a big improvement from the opaque-glassed bank.
    i know that people will continue to criticize montague street either because it is not fancy enough or too fancy or too expensive blah blah…
    from my pov it is still the most convenient pedestrian shopping street in Brooklyn.

  • Remsen

    Visited City Chemist over the weekend…very clean, cool design with fishtank and kids area, prices were very reasonable (shave cream, bath soap) and sales people were very nice (offered free bottle of cold water as I was checking out)…