Con Ed Issues Power Warning to Brooklyn Heights

The record heat is pushing Con Ed to the limit as this phone call urging consumers in Brooklyn Heights to limit power usage this morning demonstrates.  Con Ed says it will phone residents when the situation normalizes.

Call 1-75-CONED  or visit for more information.

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  • harumph

    anybody have any updates on this?

  • Obama?

    Is Con Ed the utility of Guatemala or NYC? Why are we underpowered, yet the bills just go higher & higher? (Don’t forget the people & dogs being electrocuted by Con during recent winters.)

  • harumph

    @Obama while that is a very interesting point of view….

    Con Ed just called to notify us that they are fixing the situation and that
    power should be back fully by 10pm TOMORROW!!!!!! Anyone else experiencing dim lights or no lights?

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, the elevators in my building are out and the A/C is no longer cooling my apartment. Nothing like climbing 10 flights of stairs in 100 degree heat…

  • ann

    Checkout Kevin Burke’s salary- $7M +. When does he want us to use our AC’s ? In the WINTER ??