Open Thread Wednesday 7/7/10

Flickr photo by nicolelovelye

Flickr photo by nicolelovelye

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  • Jorale-man

    Con Ed says it reduced voltage by 8 percent in Brooklyn Heights this morning. I’m definitely noticing it in my air conditioner power. Anyone else?

  • epc

    Apparently (via NY1) the escalators & elevators are out at Borough Hall/Court St (uncertain if that includes the Montague St elevators).

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Some interesting facts about this heat wave. According to Channel 7 News, the temperature of 103 reached yesterday was the highest since July 2001. That’s is 9 years ago. It is also only the 6th time temperature were that high since 1881. Wow. After my walk to teresa’s for breakfast this morning, i fear today may be even worse. UGH.

  • north heights res

    Any suggestions on where to find kids’ t-shirts with image of Brooklyn Bridge on them? I thought about Women’s Exchange, but they close for the summer, right?

  • JMS

    I’m looking to hire someone to clean my apartment on a regular basis (every week or every other week). Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • justaneighbor

    N. Heights Res – try BK Industries on Smith/Atlantic.

    I just got the automated service call from Con Ed..very nervous as I work from home. Fingers crossed we get through the day with no major issues.

  • Teddy

    I just received an automated warning from Con Ed as well. Let’s hope for the best since I really don’t want to sweat in the dark on my birthday.

  • nelson

    Teddy….I didn’t get a call yet…what was the news?

  • Teddy


    That there’s a “low-voltage condition” in the Heights. We should keep our electric usage to a minumum.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I’ve had the same cleaning woman for 10 years and she is great. She comes in once a week. She is from Trinidad and her name is Patricia. Phone # is 718-826-0565. Extremely trustworthy and dependable.

  • Teddy

    I mean “minimum”. That’s what happens when you type on a iPhone or iPod Touch in a rush.

  • Monty

    @epc, I used the elevator to the R platform a the Montauge/Clinton entrance this morning with no problem. Didn’t try the elevator from street level. The heat is almost unbearable. Can’t the BHA do something about the temperature?

  • nabeguy

    northheights, try Brooklyn Tattoo on Smith off Atlantic. My daugher got one when I went in for my tattoo. Go to their website and check out their gear

  • David G.

    Does anyone have Verizon Fios in the neighborhood?

    Unfortunately, I spent my morning on the phone with Time Warner Cable, because after two weeks in my new apt (I moved from Clark to Monroe Pl) the cable has decided to stop working completely. I can’t stand TWC anymore. They have wasted too many of my hours for such a lame product.

    Also, I got the same message from Con Ed.

  • Adam Suerte

    RE: Brooklyn Bridge tshirt, They arent on the website, but we made some for the Brooklyn Bridges birthday. we have a couple kids sizes left, there’s one in the window, if you are going to check out Brooklyn Industries, we’re right across the street, also Batik by Nancy on Atlantic ave has great BK bridge shirts (batik’d so they are stylized). Thanks for the mention, Nabeguy.

  • No One of Consequence

    My cable is out, too. I am suspecting the low-voltage condition may be a factor.

  • Obama?

    How come no matter who we vote for, things stay very much the same!? Are the Dems & Repugs two sides of the same coin, or is something even worse going on?

  • David G.

    Anyone else besides me and @nooneofconsequence have their cable out?

  • DrewBurch

    David G.:

    FIOS is not available in the Heights. If you go with Verizon it is their regular DSL service, which runs over ancient phone lines. After two years of sub standard service I had a Verizon tech tell me that I should get a cable modem because the phone lines in the heights are too old to support stable DSL. So until FIOS lines are installed in the hood (no word on when that is happening), you basically have your choice of Time Warner or a satelite dish.

  • David G.


    The building management claims to have just installed Fios a few weeks ago. It seems like they are offering the full package of TV/Internet and Phone. I’m not sure if it’s over the old DSL lines or not.

  • AEB

    My recorded Con Ed message didn’t specify Brooklyn Heights, but said rather that there was a low-voltage problem “in your neighborhood.”

    This leads me to believe that the problem is general (or more general), which isn’t comforting, to be sure, but also doesn’t pinpoint BH. Here’s a word on this from the Times:

    “…By about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, the utility said full power had been restored to the affected neighborhoods…..”

  • Homer Fink

    @aeb …. i’m waiting for my all clear call they promised.

  • Norman E-Mailer

    anyone have recommendations for a self-storage place? Thanks!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    There is a good one between Tillary and Concord on Gold Street. About a 10 minute walk. walking east, from Cadman Plaza and Tillary.

    Strangely, it resides between a luxury rental on Tillary and Gold.

  • PJL

    We have Verizon FIOS in N. Heights… so much better than Time Warner….

  • TK Small

    I have been trying to get FIOS for years and recently Verizon told me that my building had to ask to be wired. Given that I am practically the only person that uses a computer and my building, I am probably stuck with crappy Time Warner for the foreseeable future.

  • DrewBurch

    Interesting, I was told by Verizon that no FIOS was available in our neighborhood, and indeed when I enter my info on the “Check availability” page ( it says it is not available. Need to call them back and see whats up with that.

  • AEB

    Well, in MY building, Verizon has left numerous notices in the vestibule addressed to the owner/manager/godesshead requesting permission to wire the building….

    And Homer, I DO hope our all-clear messages are delivered via alternating notes made by tin whistle….

  • DrewBurch

    DAvid G – If it is FIOS it is running over optical lines, not phone lines. That is what makes it so fast.

    I just called them again and was told it is wired block by block, not available on my block and they are unable to tell me when it will be available. No time line, no projection. I also verified that once IT IS available we will have to ask for the building to be wired. Guess I’m stuck with the pathetic TWC service. So annoying that they can’t give you any timeframe.

  • Remsen

    For self storage, I recommend Treasure Island in Red Hook.