84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/29/10

bugleblotter-300x1711 A fare steals $50 from a cabbie; a shooting leaves three wounded on Sands St.; and a woman leaves a $10K diamond ring in her car. It’s this week’s police blotter.

New Yorkers are now officially crazy from the heat. I know this from the weight of the crime analysis folder I was handed this morning. A lot of desperate people taking chances with open windows. So I guess the theme to this week’s blotter is lock your windows and crank the A/C. Your ConEd bill will be huge, but you won’t walk into your living room and find some man standing there.

Last Saturday night, the super at 15 Clark St. saw a man removing a bike out of the first floor window and and attempting to lift it over the fence. When he yelled, the perp dropped the bike and fled. He was soon apprehended at the SW corner of Cadman Plaza W. and Middagh Street.

On Joralemon St. last Saturday, a woman returned home to find her door open and her laptop and flat screen T.V. gone. She told police that earlier in the day she’d seen a strange man lurking around the building who had told her he was a handyman. When questioned, the building’s super said that no handyman was scheduled to visit the building that day. This sounds like something from the Twilight Zone (just not one of those episodes that’s a metaphor for the Cold War).

Even creepier, on Schermerhorn St. last Thursday, a 10-year-old girl was eating breakfast when she saw a man climb into her apartment through the window. The man immediately fled when he saw her. The girl’s father canvassed the area, but came up with nothing.

From the “Crime Doesn’t Pay … For Morons!” file: A man took a cab from Chambers St. to Henry St., then instead of paying the fare, grabbed $50 out of the cabbie’s hand and ran. He was apprehended when he returned to the scene of the crime soon after, where it was noted he had left his photo I.D. in the cab’s back seat.

A New Haven woman parked her ’97 Oldsmobile Bravada at 85 Dean St. last Friday afternoon, and returned later that day to find the front driver’s side window broken and her bag and ATM card stolen.

Another, more daring woman left her $10,000 diamond wedding ring on the console of her car after parking it at 75 Henry St. You can do the math on the rest.

A State St. woman received a phone call from her bank saying there were extensive charges to her credit card. (Mine only calls me when there aren’t any charges, because they’re worried I’ve either been kidnapped or started balancing my checkbook. Don’t worry Citibank, no chance of either happening!) As it turns out, the victim was still in possession of the card, but someone had gotten her information nonetheless, and racked up Internet charges to the tune of $1,224.38.

Our last damsel in distress was at 365 Bridge St. (aka the Belltell Lofts) last Monday. The victim left her wallet in a stroller outside the playroom. When she returned she saw her wallet on the ground and a perp being chased by a maintenance worker. That must’ve been quite a scene. The thief got away with her credit and ATM cards, which she subsequently canceled.

Last Thursday night, a man exited the subway and cut through Cadman Plaza on the way home. As he passed a man on the bench, the man stood and began following him. After the victim turned and asked, “What’s up?” the man asked him what was in the bag. “Nothing for you,” the victim replied. Just then Perp #2 appeared and asked, “What’s in your pockets?” Then Perp #3 appeared from out of the shadows. Perp #1 then grabbed the victim, took his bag and all three fled. Now, people, really—you may think nothing bad is really going to happen to you. That crimes only happen to the inane or unfortunate. And I know I’ve been guilty of waking alone at night with my iPod, when I should be on the alert instead of listening to Steely Dan. But it’s this invincibility that makes victims-to-be believe it’s ok to carry a $750 iPad along with a $900 Nikon SLR in their bags through Cadman Plaza in the dead of night. And that is exactly what the victim lost. Luckily he was unharmed.

And finally, there was a shooting half a mile from Cadman Plaza, at Sands St. at around 3:20 a.m. on June 21st. Victims included a 20-year-old shot twice in the face; a 26-year-old shot in the left leg; and a 17-year-old shot in the left hand, arm and hip. All were treated at Bellevue, though no word on their condition, and I could find little on it anywhere. And that’s this week’s police blotter.

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  • john

    Did someone steal the notice board outside the church on Henry St between Clark St and Love Lane – the notice board always had inspirational sayings on it. Hope the board is just on summer vacation and has not become another crime victim

  • ABC

    I think it’s okay to carry whatever you want whenever you want. robbers are to blame, not the dude walking home.

    also, when the credit card co calls to report suspicious activity on your account, you’re supposed to file a police report? really? I never have

  • nabeguy

    Gotta go with ABC on this one. Reporting the criminal activities in the area is one thing, but questioning the wisdom of the victims is quite another.
    That being said, while we’d all like to think we live in Mayberry, it’s clear from Heather’s reports that our local Barney Fife must be getting a load on with Otis up in Sparta. In other words, be careful out there folks….you’re on your own.

  • Heather Quinlan

    True enough–I’ve been in situations where I thought I’d be fine, and turns out my judgment was off. (Example, the Clark St. staircase.) Glad he’s okay though, it might’ve ended up worse than it did.
    @John I’ve noticed the board empty as well–tonight again, as a matter of fact. I’ll check on it.

  • lifer

    I think its okay to question the wisdom of someone who leaves a $10,000 ring on the console of her car, or someone who walks through Cadman Plaza in the middle of the night with over a thousand dollars in gadgets. Most parks close at dusk, meaning no police presence and have signs that state as much. Sure you can walk around with whatever you want, but to be aware of your surroundings, and to make wise decisions of where to walk is not too much to ask yourself if you want to hold on to these things. A muggers demographic is the unassuming and unaware, and for that people can blame themselves. It is a good thing there was no violence to add to the theft.

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    General Park Hours. Parks: Sunrise to 1 AM. Playgrounds close at dusk.

    Walking from the F to Henry Street has always been a worrisome walk for me late at night. Not really surprised that it happened. More surprised it doesn’t happen more. As nice as Brooklyn Heights is there are some rather not nice areas VERY close.