Open Thread Wednesday 12/5/07


Runnin' late! What's on your mind?

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Photo: Crossing Montague 1980s by Coverage Photography via Flickr

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  • Jazzy

    The noise off of the BQE around Poplar Street is out of control.

  • nabeguy

    Especially from the truckers who blast their air horns and sound like the Titanic on its final plunge.

  • yo

    thanks robert moses!

  • Evan

    has anyone done any research into the non-profit homeless vintage store that opened p on Montague? Its so cliche for trustafarians and wasps to get coxed into giving their crap to one of these fly-by-night places only to later find out 1 cent for every 10 dollars actually went to the homeless. The rest went to cocaine and thai hookers. Even if it isn’t, knowing that 90% of everything we give them must be going to rent seems like a waste, especially since most of their beneficiaries can’t afford rent at all, which of course is why their homeless.

  • cs

    There’s a great thrift store on Atlantic Avenue called Baltic Bazaar. They take lots of stuff and write tax receipts. I think they’re near the Ale House or on the block below but same side.

  • nabeguy

    Gee Evan, kind of cynical given the season. Here’s the link…you can do your own research:

  • Evan

    Sorry, no offense meant…I’m just a skeptical (ie cynical) guy in general.

  • ABC

    housing works has been around for awhile now Evan….

  • Jazzy

    Evan … troll much?

  • e

    @Evan: Check out GuideStar for non-profit legitimacy:

  • T.K. Small

    Generally I am very skeptical about do-gooding charities, but housing Works is an exception to the rule. They are a really great organization that I have worked with directly a number of times on a variety of disability advocacy issues.

    Their lawyer/policy analyst in Albany is one of the best. In fact, he lived in Brooklyn while he was going to law school at NYU. Even if the percentage of profit going to them is smaller than people might like, I know they are doing good work with the money.

  • hoppy

    I never realized how dorky BH was in the 80s!

  • nigel

    Can anyone suggest a good pediatrician in the neighborhood?

  • annonn

    Stephen Turner on Montague is the best pediatricain around. 718 852 3607

  • nabeguy

    Dr Edna Pytlak on Monroe is also very good.

  • Susan O’Doherty

    Edna Pytlak is excellent.

    Does anyone know of a good local physical therapist?

  • nigel

    A belated thanks everyone for the pediatrician info!