DUMBO Wines Moving into “Cursed” 60 Henry Street Location


As Nabeguy mentioned earlier this week the rumored liquor store at 60 Henry Street looks like it’s a reality.  A sign posted in the window says that DUMBO Wines has applied for a license to sell retail liquor at that location.

This marks the first new retail effort in the former location of the Busy Chef/Oven/Blue Pig.   Those businesses were shuttered last year after an employee was busted for credit card fraud.

Anyone remember the longest running business in that space?

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  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Su-Su’s Yum-Yum.

  • http://www.jarbro.com Jared

    Oooh, some healthy competition for Michael Towne!

  • Andrew Porter

    My doctor on Monroe Place has a photo showing an Associated Foods supermarket taking up most of the retail spaces in the Cranlyn Apt Building, sometime in the 1950s. Don’t know how long it was there. It was gone by 1968, when I loved to BH.

  • nabeguy

    Nice Freudian slip there, Andrew. Claude, Su-Su’s was on the corner of Cranberry, as I recall.

  • AEB

    My, my! The competition for booze sales heats up! Who knew our tiny isle could, apparently, support such retail largesse?

  • AEB

    PS, not to be chauvinistic (in the original sense of the word), but why is the new place called DUMBO Wines? Is it not in BH? Or is the name on the notice not necessarily that of the store-to-be?

  • nabeguy

    BTW, this won’t be in any of the Busy Chef locations; it’s at 60 Henry between Henry St. Ale House and the nail salon.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    nabeguy: the space we’re considering is on the corner of Cranberry, unless Homer was wrong about this being in the old Busy Chef location. I think, though, and I had a moment’s doubt after I posted my initial reply to Homer’s question, that Su-Su’s may have been at the corner of Orange and Henry, where Siggy’s, a nail place, etc., are now.

  • Homer Fink

    It’s the former “Oven” space.

  • bornhere

    Andrew — If your doc doesn’t mind (and it’s scannable), would you be able to share the picture of the Associated at Henry/Cranberry on the BHB? I absolutely cannot recall it, but I know it’s been mentioned here a few times.

  • nabeguy

    My tipster must have had it wrong…he had it in this spot:


    I thought the Associated was on Pineapple Walk, not Henry, although they may have moved from there in the 60’s. I’d love to see that picture too.

  • travy

    i miss tinto/isobel :(

  • tb

    Great. Just what we need. ANOTHER Liquor store in the neighborhood. At least our nails will look fabulous whilst we drink another cocktail.

  • nabeguy

    I walked by there tonight, and my previous post was correct. Apparently, ever since the Associated was there, all of the commercial storefronts on that block share the same address of 60.

  • hoppy

    @ Homer Fink
    Are you sure that is the “Oven” space? If memory serves, that space use to be the Pig’n out BBQ and Flower Mart bodega (before they knocked down the common wall). I think Oven was in the next space to the north.

  • Andrew Porter

    Nabeguy, the place on Pineapple Walk at Cadman Plaza West was Bohack’s, whose lease was bought up by Sloan’s. As I’ve said before, when the space (now occupied by Park Plaza Diner) was an empty lot, it was used for a shot of a political rally in the film Taxi Driver. (And I’ve reread my post a dozen times, can’t figure out what slip you’re talking about.)

    Su-Su’s Yum Yum (gak) was on the corner of Cranberry and Henry, and occupied the corner and the next two storefronts.

  • AEB

    WHAT was Su-Su’s Yum Yum? Manicures for the post-natal?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Su-Su’s was a Chinese restaurant that was still in business when I moved here in 1983, and closed not long after that. I don’t know how long it had been in business, but had the impression it was something of a neighborhood institution. Deliveries were made from a van called, as I recall, the “Su-Su Mobile”.

  • Po

    Correction – the space where Park Plaza Diner is now at corner of Pineapple Walk & Cadman Plaza West was Key Food for a number of years. Bohack was corne Henry & Love Lane where CVS is now.

  • justaneighbor

    AMEN..maybe now Michael Towne will rethink their prices.

  • SidneyPlaceguy

    Since no one else has taken up the gauntlet, I’ll let those who got here after Su-Su’s closed, that it was the first Szechuan (sp?) chinese restaurant (okay, Nabeguy, correct me and say that “China Chili” got there first…) in the Heights. The food was better than the other Chinese restaurants here, and it was HUGE. Also, the cooks sat in the front in full view of the customers, cooking everything on huge woks. it did a healthy take-out and delivery business, and Su-Su herself (a no nonsense Chinese-born woman built like a linebacker) would sit at the cash register and keep things moving. What was it’s BIG claim to fame was that Ed Koch (during his administration) was a faithful customer. Once it closed, I believe they relocated to Park Slope, or had two restaurants and kept that one open.

  • nabeguy

    Sidney, I don’t remember China Chili, although the 1st szechuan I remember having was at a place on the S/E corner of Montague and Henry on the 2nd floor. Su-su’s definitely made all others pale in comparison and Su ran it like a benevolant drill sergeant.

  • Ben

    China Chile was run by Christine and Earl, where Radio Shack is on Montague Street. This was a great $5 lunch my days as a young guy working at Brooklyn Union Gas. Competion was tough, and they owners were lazy, and Tang opened accross the street and eventually they closed.

  • Luke C

    And here I just signed up for Michael Towne’s frequent tippler program! Probably no coincidence that they started such a customer-retention campaign.

    I hope DUMBO Wines finds a way to complement not compete with Michael Towne. I’d recommend a thorough name change from DUMBO Wines to Brooklyn Heights Beers so we can finally get a better suds selection than dear old P&P carries.

  • Andrew Porter

    Po, you’re right; my bad. Bu the fact remains that those wonderful people at Sloan’s bought out the lease of the other store, to lessen the competition.

  • dimsumeater

    China Chili WAS lazy, as per Ben. Once an entire pitcher of water spilled on me and my family, and they ignored us despite pleas for help.

    Su-sus was a great place to stop by after picking up kids at PS8. They remember it many years later. It relocated to Columbia St. in what-is-it; “Cobble Hill East”.

    I counted 17 commercial vacancies in the Heights.

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    Man, what is it with this neighborhood and all the duplicate businesses too close to each other.