Open Thread Wednesday 11/21/07


A few things to discuss:

Banner teardowns: are they hate crimes

Giamatti likes the blintzes at Teresa's

Whitman comes alive

Who is the new Mailer?

Graffiti on the Brooklyn Bridge (see photo)!

BHB Photo Club pic by dietrich via Flickr

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  • paul

    I really want to get some lighting installed in the ceiling of my apartment. any local electrician recommendations?

  • Tim N.

    Anyone got the lowdown on what’s going into the “retail” space on Clark Street, in the dorm building?

  • annonn

    There wasnt alot of local outrage at the swatstikas when they first appeared (at least on this board), I cant imagine anyone’s quaking in their boots at the banners being ripped down.However if both incidents were related, one might imagine it was someone (or some ones) that work or live in the area, one of i’m sure many possible theories.

  • peppermint

    About the only good thing about Teresa’s are the blintzes. I used to love their brunch a few years ago but the quality of the food has really gone down hill!

  • No One of Consequence

    The white borscht, only available on the weekends at Teresa’s delicious.

  • Wiley

    Does anyone know anything about that new local spa that opened in Clinton Hill. I’ve heard it’s very nice, with a restaurant and bar as well as sauna area. Would love to check it out -any feedback from anyone?

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    For years someone drew swastikas in the elevators at the clark street station and was never caught… And on a lighter note: yes, Teresa’s white borscht is fantastic!

  • Poster

    Anyone noticed the anti-immigrant graffiti showing up? M/R station has a bunch of it.


    for an electrician I’d highly recommend Taj Liton, he recently installed ceiling lighting for me throughout my bathroom and living room, reasonable, very fast, highly professional, and I’m thrilled with the results. His number is 718-216-8097, and you can tell him that Suzanne Goss recommended him