Giamatti Profiled in Esquire

He may very well be the most famous person living in Brooklyn Heights now that Norman Mailer is gone. Paul Giamatti sits down at Teresa's on Montague with Esquire's Scott Raab to talk about his new movie Fred Claus among other things:

Esquire: My Blintz with Paul Giamatti: Autumn in Brooklyn Heights, late morning. Two men at a table on the patio of Teresa's Restaurant. The balding guy with black-framed specs and crooked teeth is Paul Giamatti — America's finest little actor. Raab, the other one, is a fat magazine writer.

Raab: You're between jobs right now?

Giamatti: I guess I am. I just finished a bunch of jobs in a row. I did Fred Claus, then I did this John Adams miniseries for HBO.

R: What do you do between jobs?

G: I go nuts. I don't know. I'm happy not to be doing anything, but I'm also just going out of my mind a little bit. Have you eaten anything?

R: I had a kielbasa omelette.

G: Oh, that's the way to go, yeah. [Full article]

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  • nabeguy

    Funny that he mentions Alan Arkin in the article, since he’s a former Heights resident. I remember him preparing boiled hot dogs for his son Adam and myself when we had a playdate over at their house on Willow Street, back before he hit big as an actor and his biggest claim to fame was being a member of The Babysitters singing group.