54 Hicks on the Market


What seemed like the most comprehensive renovation since the Reconstruction is apparently ready to be sold.  Brownstoner reports that the owners of 54 Hicks Street have put one of its 3 units on the market for $1.975 million:

Brownstoner: 54 Hicks: The owners of 54 Hicks Street have been working on the conversion of the brick townhouse into a 3-unit condominium since early 2006 and are now bringing the finished project to the market themselves sans brokers. Of course, they had a little help along the way from Baxt Ingui Architects, themselves no strangers to townhouse renovations. Based upon DOB filings, there was three-story (if you include the basement) addition made to the rear of the building and quite a lot of reinforcing and moving of walls. 

Update: "Anon" tipped us off to Brownstoner's discovery that a certain eatery is not the only cut and paster amongst us:

Check out how the FSBO'ers "borrowed" some of the marketing verbiage from a competing project in the nabe on the jump. What's that they say about imitation being the highest form of flattery?

Here's the original spiel from 118 State Street:
The Carriage House on State presents a rare opportunity to own a home in Brooklyn's most desirable community. Located on a beautiful tree-lined street in Brooklyn Heights, the four-unit boutique condominium is the result of a complete renovation of a 150-year-old carriage house, reconfigured and adapted for modern living. No detail has been overlooked and no expense spared in the conversion of this stately early 19th century building into an exceptional collection of hand-crafted homes featuring the luxury finishes, top-of-the-line appliances, and materials of fine quality discerning buyers expect when purchasing new construction. The architect's finely tuned touch is evident in the ample use of natural light and airy space, and in layouts that place a premium on stylish functionality for both growing families and couples who like to entertain. Unsurpassed in its design and construction quality, the Carriage House incorporates special features such as sound insulation between floors and walls, oversized windows, spacious baths, and pocket doors that collectively enhance the living experience within.

And now from the NYT FSBO ad for 54 Hicks Street:
This Brooklyn Heights Brownstone on Hicks Street represents a unique opportunity to own a large home with outdoor space in Brooklyn's most desirable community. The 1840s building has undergone a complete 15 month renovation resulting in a three unit condominium that provides all modern amenities. Every detail has been considered and no expense spared in the conversion of this building into hand crafted homes featuring the luxury finishes, top-of-the-line appliances, and materials of fine quality expected when purchasing a newly constructed building.




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  • anon

    You should take a look at Brownstoner’s updated info on this post. Looks like the 54 Hicks owner/developer is accustomed to taking short cuts.

  • frank

    Has anyone noticed that Ricky’s has a chemical plant in its backyard, and that all kinds of concoctions are mixed there for the store…in a tent…is the Health Department apprised of this, I wonder?

  • cranberry

    umm…i went in the chemical plant yesterday but all i found were halloween costumes…

  • Simon

    I think Frank has been sniffing the cauldron a little too much.