Open Thread Weekend 5/15-16/10

Seems like everyone has got something to say this week, so we’re adding a bonus Open Thread.  Comment away!

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  • http://none Rizzo

    Has anyone else noticed that the promenade, especially the circle on the North end –is completely infested with baby Rats?!

    They show no fear, don’t even stay in the brush, and when you look into the brush you’ll see it’s MOVING. Because they’re everywhere.

    So, so foul. The benches aren’t safe either –the little buggers run right around your feet.

    Little kids play around there and I’m sure their parents have no idea their surrounded by vermin.

    What the hell happened to the extermination effort?

  • David on Middagh

    Yep, the rats over there are not new. Lots of primo garbage to be spelunked after dusk, I suspect. Whenever I hear the rustle in the brush, I try to catch a peek at our “nekked-tail squirrels”.

  • http://none Rizzo

    But these are a new litter, and have no patience for nightfall. At first I thought/hoped they were chipmunks.

    Blargh –just in the circle there must be 100+!

  • David on Middagh

    Mebbe we need more feral cats?

    I always thought the rat poison route was only a band-aid. Less food in the trash cans would help.

    The construction at Squibb park may have dislodged a colony? Or the wet weather might have favored their survival this Spring?

  • ABC

    is there a party (riot?) that I’m missing out on tonight? what’s with all the noise?

  • HeightsDiva

    I wish there were more street lamps on the far end of Willow Street. It gets pitch black at night, and has been a mugging area in the past.

  • DL

    anyone know where the 50 or so kids on the corner of hicks and montague came from? sounds like they’re still lingering around…

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I never never the promenade from the Middagh entrance because of the numerous rats that hang there, day or night, I always walk to Pineapple.

    I remember going on the BHA walking tour one year and visiting a beautiful house on Willow and Middagh and couldn’t get the fact that a colony of rats were right next door. ugh.

    I hope they don’t make it up to Hicks and Middagh were I live.

  • jorale-man

    The rat situation seems to point to a larger problem of trash collection on the promenade. Does the city not recognize that there aren’t enough pick-ups there, especially on weekends and days when a lot of people show up?

    As much as the Heights is one of the cleaner neighborhoods in the city, I’m often surprised by how much the trash is a problem there. Of course, the rats could be the result of a construction upheaval nearby too, but regardless, maybe there need to be more complaints to 311 and such.

  • nabeguy

    Karl , they have. If I don’t leave my garbage cans covered, there’s usually the tell-tale (or tail, as the case may be) of their foraging through it for food, evidenced in tiny tear holes in the bags. I have’t seen an actual rat in a few years, but I make sure to have my exterminator put poison in the under-porch as a precaution. In my experience, however, the vermin I noticed were coming from the east, so I suspect that it had something to do with the 20 Henry construction. The ones on the Promenade were more than likely dislodged off of the waterfront. As more and more people flood into BPP and the surrounding areas, this is sure to become a larger problem, as more and more garbage will be left behind. And, oh, do those rats love that left-over Grimaldi’s pizza crust! At least we can say that BH has rats with rarified tastes. Ratatuoille, anyone?

  • jorale-man

    This may be one culprit for the rat problem. The city is cutting back on garbage pickups according to this article:

  • lovelane

    is anyone else hearing near incessant chopper noise right now? (it’s 12:30 saturday) or am i losing my mind? i kind of hope it’s the latter. who can i call other than 311?

  • Neighborhood guy

    I know the heights has extremely tight parking, but it seems like it’s getting worse. The other day, it seemed like every time a spot opened up, it was immediately taken by one of the heights limo cars. One business shouldn’t monopolize 20 parking spots in the neighborhood. Does anyone know if they can even do this legally?

  • gc

    chopper noise has been nearly constant for the past few hours. i tried 311 and was told EDC was closed for the weekend and to call back mon-fri 9 to 5.

  • Ratso Rizzo

    I’ve been seeing at least several large rats on Montague Street, particularly between Henry & Clinton, whenever I walk there late at night. They feast on restaurants’ garbage bags & spillage. It seems to be a big problem. Anyone else concerned?

  • A Neighbor

    A heads up — the Bklyn Hts Assn/Bklyn Hist Society workshop on house geneology is wonderful. There have been two sessions so far and both have been sell-outs. The BHS has a library of research material (much of which is crying for digitalizing) — and they show you how to find your way around. I’m sure if there is interest, they would schedule another session.

  • http://none Rizzo

    Two Ratso Rizzo’s in one little nabe… Huh.

  • nabeguy

    Had a great time on Homer’s Hidden BH Walking Tour today. As an old-time know-it-all type, I was truly impressed with some of the eye-opening points of interest. I highly recommend it for new-comers and Silver’s customers alike.

  • Monty

    What are your favorite spots for a leisurely breakfast. Our little angel wakes us up by 7:30 every day and most brunch spots don’t open till 11:00. We were looking for something besides a diner to get a nice early meal. Barring that, which diner is your favorite?

  • Andrew Porter

    The Parks Dept. gardener told me that the far north end of the Promenade gardens are under the control of the Witnesses, hence the lack of much foliage control north of Pineapple. And although most of the trees along the Promenade have been de-ivied, the trees at the far end of the Promenade where it goes up to Orange/Cranberry Streets are still swamped by the stuff.

    Combine that with the amount of ivy on the ground there, and you have a really good ground-cover to hide lots of rats. Maybe it’s time to take back the rest of the Promenade from the care—or lack of it—by the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  • kindanewnabegirl

    How do people without kids meet in this neighborhood? Everyone seems to know each other already. Boo hoo. Any suggestions?

  • jorale-man

    That’s interesting about the Witnesses control over the north end of the promenade. Today I noticed there were signs warning of rat poison in that general area. I actually find the biggest trash messes are around Montague, where of course, most of the non-residents tend to enter and congregate.

  • Homer Fink

    @kindanewnabegirl – I’m going to call an impromptu happy hour sometime this week .. on the early side for us elderly folks but you crazy kids are welcome to join in!

  • aliG

    Any good RE broker recommendations as far as selling apartments goes? Having a rough time with current agent.

  • zburch

    I thought you could report helicopters to 311 now. hmmm, guess not. Any word on if/when that will be possible?