“Happy” 2 Train Conductor Profiled in Times

There's nothing like hearing a chipper conductor liven up your commute. Between the drunks and the "dancers", purveyors of illegal DVDs or candy ("it's not for a basketball team"), isn't it nice to have someone like MTA model employee Jason Lewis around?:

New York Times: Chasing Happiness on the No. 2 Train: Mr. Lewis had hoped his enthusiastic broadcasts would land him a job as a “dedicated announcer,” allowing him to relay announcements about train arrivals and service changes from a perch in towers around the subway system.

But last Wednesday, he was disappointed to learn that he had been passed over for the job, over concerns that he would deviate from the script.

As a result, the days of Mr. Lewis’s quirky messages may be over. “I’m done,” he said sadly.

Before he came to this decision, he had still been dreaming up new lines, one of which was perhaps more bafflingly existential than his previous inventions. “If you’re late, don’t be upset,” he said one Saturday on a No. 2 train traveling under Brooklyn Heights. “Look at it this way. For some of us, life is like being on this train. We’re not there yet, but we’re on the way.” (Full Story)

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  • bhb reader

    We have our own “happy subway guy” in the Heights! The guy who is the voice of all the recorded subway announcements (Stand clear of the closing doors, We apologize for the unavoidable delays, etc etc etc) lives here in the Heights! And, except for when he’s having tantrums at CVS’s register, he’s usually pretty happy!!

  • fishermb

    I love when I get on the Happy 2 train, it’s always a nice start to the morning. Most people shake their head like it’s nonsense, I think it’s great to hear a positive voice on the way to work!

  • cranberry

    speaking of conductors, does anyone else notice the guy on the C train who comes out of the booth between EVERY stop to stand there and talk politics and talk shit with the same people day in and day out. I always see him at around 3:45 and it drives me absolutely insane…