Eigeman Helms First Feature

Brooklyn Heights resident and indie film fave Chris Eigeman talks to the New York Observer this week about Turn the River, which he wrote and directed: 

New York Observer: '90s Boy Grows Up: The actor Chris Eigeman is having a baby. “It’s a boy flavor,” said Mr. Eigeman, 42, sipping a cup of tea in the backyard of his Brooklyn Heights apartment on yet another weirdly warm October day. “Did you see my very pregnant wife when you came down the street?”

Best known for his clean-shaven, uptight leading roles in Whit Stillman’s trilogy of films about young urban angst among the privileged class (Metropolitan, Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco) as well as Noah Baumbach’s pre-Squid and the Whale work (Kicking and Screaming, Mr. Jealousy), the goateed, relaxed Mr. Eigeman hasn’t spent much time with kids. He only played a dad once on screen, in a small film called Clipping Adam, and isn’t terribly eager to again. (On being offered such parts: “‘Oh, really … the dad?’ I don’t want to play the dad. The dull dad. Or, like, the really mean dad?”) But he has written and directed his first feature film, Turn the River, which will premiere Friday at the Hamptons Film Festival. And making a movie feels, he imagines, about the same as having a baby. (Full Story)

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  • DLC

    I could’ve sworn I saw Benicio del Torro walking up hicks/montague with a keyfood bag. Couldn’t have been him, could it???

  • Annette

    I know Chris personally and am VERY happy for him and Linda! Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  • Janet

    I see him walking his dog in the neighborhood. He always has a facial expression
    that he’s smelled something appalling and offensive.