Eagle: You Call This a Public Notice?


"Sam Howe and Friends" at the Brooklyn Eagle are in a tizzy over the MTA's flimsy "Asbestos Abatement" notice half heartedly taped to a lamp post outside the Clark Street station:

Brooklyn Eagle: Howe's Brooklyn: With blue electricians tape, two pieces of paper are taped to the lampposts announcing “Public Notice: Asbestos Abatement” (Although with this afternoon’s rain, they may not still be readable).

In a neighborhood teeming with strollers, moms-to-be, elderly folks, and lawyers (!), we are pressed to wonder, if anything, what this means. The “work areas” list more than 30 “manholes” and the amount is “264 linear feet or 165 square-feet.” To be removed: cable insulation, duct seal, duct sleeve, transite (sic), and the all-purpose “debris.” (Full Story)

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  • GHM

    We all gotta die of something.