Here’s Our Chance: a New Image for Brooklyn Bridge?

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

As previously reported, starting this June the City will give the Brooklyn Bridge a major overhaul, which will include repainting it. At present, the Bridge’s metalwork is painted a dull khaki (see photo above). Shouldn’t the City seize this opportunity to give it a more inspiring color? How about alizarin crimson, or perhaps phthalo yellow green? What shade would you suggest?

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  • strozzi

    Very simply: it should be the color originally envisioned by Washington Roebling. And, oh yeah, eliminate cars, restore everything destroyed by adapting it to motor vehicles, and put back the trolleys and magnificent cable houses at both anchorages.

  • AAR

    I vote for Brooklyn Dodger blue!

  • Claude Scales

    AAR: I thought of that, since the Dodgers were my first love (in baseball, that is). However, the neighboring Manhattan Bridge (see photo) has pre-empted that color.

  • Andrew Porter

    Polka dots. Big green and yellow ones…

  • othersideofthebridge

    Silly rabit, it should be lemony yellow, orangey orange, raspberry red, grapity purple & lime green.

  • othersideofthebridge


  • bornhere

    I think the idea of “contemporizing” certain, especially iconic structures is really goofy.The blueness of the Manhattan Bridge has always looked “off” to me, almost as though it’s some sort of steel primer. The architecture and design of the Brooklyn Bridge are world-class; does it really need color to make it “better”?

  • milton

    I really love the idea of changing the color of the Brooklyn bridge. Icons can survive changes, sometimes they become even more universally known with a little oomph. I think the bridge would look splendid in a dark fuschia color. Can you see it? Spectacular. It could recapture a bit of the awe that people had in the 1880’s when thay first saw it. Today we are so used to it. Yeah, grey blah blah…..I say fuschia main cables and maybe acquamarine secondary spiderweb cables. That would be awesome.

  • David on Middagh

    I’m sure the dull color of the paint job is meant to blend with the stone.

    With the Manhattan bridge blue, the Brooklyn Bridge should be red, and the Williamsburg yellow.

    And the Verizon Building should be painted exactly the color of what lies behind it.

  • harry tomilson

    Changing the color of the Brooklyn Bridge would be monumental. An homage to the past and hope fot the future. Just putting it out there, if you ever need a car shipped anywhere, domestically or overseas, look up Auto Shipping Network. They are experts at what they do.

  • David on Middagh

    @harry: May I just put out there that I think you owe Homer Fink some $$ for that ad you just posted on his blog?

  • Claudia Hunt

    @david: I actually looked up Auto Shipping Network, and think im going to do business with them. So Harry’s post was acutally pretty useful! And the bridge should be blue as an homage to one of the most influencial baseball teams in history.