Ex-Jet Sells Garden Place Town House

dockery_headshotThe New York Times reports that former NY Jet and sportscaster John Dockery is in contract to sell his Garden Place town house. The asking price is $3.7 million.  But don’t fret, you can still rub shoulders with Dockery at the football camp he runs with Joe Namath.

This marks the second high profile resident of that street to sell their home – actor Gabriel Byrne is also in contract to sell.   Brownstoner reports that 42 Grace Court has been on the market for some time and has recently flipped to a for sale by owner set up.  What’s up with all these sales?

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  • Publius

    The real question is what’s up with the BHB’s Starf**k obsession?


  • the where

    publius is clearly lobbying for bannation.

  • http://www.willowtown.org Seth Murphy

    It’s simple. The more we talk about celebrities in our midst, the less they will want to stay. Celebrities (not to be confused with socialites) in NYC are here for the anonymity afforded to live like a normal human being (sorta), unlike LA. Keep the celebrity spotting discussions to parlor and bar stool discussions, not the everlasting web.

  • Billy Reno

    No more Starf**king?! How are we going to do the next BHB Top Ten list? Silly goose!

  • harumph

    I’m with Publius – sometimes it is embarrassing to me that I write and contribute to a blog that is so obsessed with celebrity sightings in the nabe. Live and let live – the real estate porn I love…just not with a name attached to it.

  • dan

    I agree wholeheartedly with Seth.
    Star sightings and discussion of stars’ changes of residence don’t fit in with the overall concept of this blog, as I understand it. I think the blog would be improved if it stays focused on discussions that relate to things having an impact on the neighborhood.

  • the where

    Homer, just shut this thing down already. Your genius is not appreciated any more.

  • Sticky

    Bring back the annoying husband.

  • http://www.tmz.com Bye Bye Celebrities

    See what you did!!! Now they’re leaving us to go back to Manhattan: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/30/big-deal-byrnes-nest/ A townhouse for a 2 BR condo. Wow.