WPIX on Brooklyn Bridge Fix

WPIX-TV’s Monica Morales interviews locals about the planned Brooklyn Bridge reno project.

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  • Publius

    Sad/dumbass commentary from two Brooklynites in that clip. Typical WPIX fare.

  • AEB

    Apart from the issue itself, “love” the way the way the news is packaged here.

    Absolutely disingenuous “interest”/exchange between the two women that tends to nullify the very news and its import that’s reported.

    News vaudeville.

  • ML

    The Manhattan Bridge isn’t a bridge. It’s steel and concrete spanning a body of water allowed traffic to pass from one side of the water to the other, disguised as a bridge.

  • Bartmann

    The last interviewee is brain dead: the Brooklyn Bridge “is the only way to get to Manhattan from this lower tip of Brooklyn.” I’ve heard of the lower tip of Manhattan, but the “lower tip of Brooklyn”? Wouldn’t that be Coney Island?

    But what really got me was “the Manhattan Bridge isn’t a bridge”. I don’t know which idiots WPIX chose to interview but this lady was clearly talking our of her sphincter.


  • my2cents

    raffic in Chinatown is about to get a whole lot worse, too. I must say the proposed changes to the roadway on and off ramps will really benefit everyone in the future. Now if we can get them to add on a separated bikeway over the manhattan bound road bed as long as they are at it!!