Holes Everywhere

Brooklyn Paper's Heights Lowdown column covers the nabe's pothole issues this week:

Brooklyn Paper: Sinking…: “A pothole is when there is damage to the roadway, and it’s filled with asphalt for a temporary fix,” said Craig Chin, spokesperson for the Department of Transportation.

A sinkhole is an entirely different problem caused by a leak or broken pipe under the road. The Department of Environmental Protection repairs those.

But even if you know which agency handles which hole, it doesn’t mean you’re any closer to filling the void. The Department of Transportation evaluated two of the neighborhood’s potholes — on Hicks and Clark streets, and Hicks and Remsen streets — only to declare them actually sinkholes. But because of extensive back ups at the DEP, no progress has been made.

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  • Walter Cambridge

    Tha $15M allocated by the Bloomberg Administration for the upliftment of the Fulton Mall is just a drop in the ocean as far as improving the scenic beauty of this area.What about the street which with so many holes makes travelling from Flatbush Avenue to Adams Street a rocky nightmare.Added to this with very exceptions storefronts are a disgrace.Finally those two arches at the beginning and end of this road stretch should be taken down and a more appealing approach be installed