A Hole Bugs Nabe


BHB Newshound “Kris” writes:

Here is a picture that I captured on my walk to the Clark Street subway station this morning.  This hole has been there for at least 2 months, not to mention another one just like it at the intersection of Hicks and Remsen. The only thing they’ve done is put a traffic cone on top of the hole…until this happened.
Why does something have to happen before repairs are made?  If these holes exist, what other problems are going unseen?  And we’re paying these real estate prices, and these taxes?  We might all be suckers, on sinking asphalt.

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  • Teresa

    Similar hole was “patched” at the corner of Hicks and Clark a while back…patched, and fell apart; patched, and fell apart. There’s another further up Hicks. They are rather terrifying to contemplate…looks as though we are perched precariously on little more than a layer or so of asphalt.

  • anon

    these holes are due to voids or spaces underneath the ground created by water pipe installations in the 70’s/80’s when the city allowed contactors to use the wood casings the pipes came in to fill the areas – this was a cheaper solution during a fiscal crisis but unfortunately wood rots after 20+ years creating these holes that we are now encountering. Little consolation but BH has significantly fewer of these than other often poorer nabes….DEP has a backlog of 3 years to fix all of these….it doesnt matter how much asphalt is put on top it will keep sinking until the underground is repaired with fill…..

  • lakisha

    the backlog is appaling!!! we have begged for minor repaving at the Adams Street Service Road – intersection of Adams /Tillary Street for 7 years and we were told that we are still on the waiting list – pedestrians are falling and injured daily due to the cracks and potholes!!! would never happen on park avenue!!!!

  • heightsdiho

    Has anyone else been bothered by the ENOURMOUS potholes on the BQE near the Cadman Plaza exit? They must have put some of those huge metal plates over them as a temporary fix. Whenever a truck hits one it sounds like an explosion and it actually shakes our N. Heights building. We called 311 to report it and they said since it shakes the building it’s an EPA issue. No progress for about 2 weeks… Help!