Giamatti Sighting at Noodle Pudding

Brooklyn Heights' King of All Thespians Paul Giamatti was spotted at Noodle Pudding Saturday night by nabe blogger Goddess in the City:

tn2_paul_giamatti_3.jpgGoddess in the City: We sat next to Paul Giamatti last night at Noodle Pudding here in Brooklyn Heights. He was with his wife and kid and I have to say it was so sweet watching them interact. He's a great father. He also ordered the same dish as me: lamb with roasted squash and arugula. Which was good, albeit a little underdone.

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  • fishermb

    he walked right past me yesterday on schermerhorn between court and clinton. was by himself and had the demeanor exactly like he acts in american splendor and sideways.

  • CF

    He’s constantly smoking, either outside his building or out the window of his apartment on Pierrepont. Which really does make it seem like he’s a lot like his neurotic characters.

  • BH resident

    Is it really a celebrity sighting if the celebrity lives in the neighborhood?

  • Homer Fink

    BH – i was thinking the same thing.

  • JL

    Give the guy a break, he has just as much right to smoke, eat carbs and meat (together nonetheless!), and drink as the rest of us, especially here in BH.

    I would love to know if everyone would whine, b!tch, rant and rave if he were the lead in a movie filmed here? He does (presumably) pay his taxes here after all.

  • anon

    this site is becoming more and more like TMZ and Gawker

  • GHB

    Uh…yeah… I saw him at the bagel place on Montague a few weeks ago. And he ordered the same bagel as I did!

  • stew

    Oh my God, he smokes cigarettes!? AND I DO TOO!! Weeeiiiirrrrd…

  • No One of Consequence

    This is truly a low for BHB.
    Let’s leave our celebrity neighbors to live among us in peace unless they actually do something of note.

  • simon

    that item came from a neighborhood blogger, don’t be blamin’ Fink for everything

  • nabeguy

    Anybody know if Kelly Coffield Park from In Living Color lives in BH? I saw her in Pierrepont playground yesterday.

  • mona

    I see him all the time. Big deal.