Montague Wines & Spirits: Back in Three Weeks?

As you may recall, shortly after the fire on March 11, a sign appeared on the boarded-up front of Montague Wines & Spirits announcing that the store would re-open “in a few days”. After that, for a week or so, the door was usually open during the day, and Jeff and other staffers could be seen inside working along with construction people. Then the sign came down, and the door remained shut, with no apparent activity going on. This has been the situation for the past month.

Today, your correspondent was waiting to meet a friend for coffee at Teresa’s (MW&S and Teresa’s are under common ownership), and took the opportunity to ask the manager what was happening with the store. He said that the store was being fixed up, and should re-open in about three weeks. I said there didn’t seem to be anything being done there, and he assured me that workers were busy inside. If they are, they must be entering from the rear of the building, as the front entrance seems to remain closed at all times.

Stay tuned. Update: when your correspondent posted this last night, he recalled the plywood front entrance being secured with a padlock. He thought about checking this, but decided not to because it was raining. This morning, he walked by and saw a conventional latch-and-barrel-lock on the plywood door. So, it would be possible to open the door from the inside.

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