Montague Street Fire: Aftermath Video

Karl Junkersfeld surveys the aftermath of today’s fire on Montague Street.  There are conflicting reports in Brooklyn’s newspapers as to where the blaze began.

Flickr photo by brooklyn dan

Flickr photo by brooklyn dan

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the blaze started in Montague Wine and Spirits, while the Brooklyn Eagle reports that it started in the laundromat and spread to the liquor store.  Given BHB commenters’ observations and Karl Junkersfeld’s video of the damage it appears on first glance that the Eagle got it right.  However, we won’t know until the FDNY issues its report.

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  • nabeguy

    205/118, great neighbors, great protecters.

  • ilikebrooklyn

    [great neighbors, great protecters.]

    Agree. They’re amazing. Thank you, FDNY.

  • AAR

    Don’t forget our Engine 224 on Hicks and the guys from Tillary Street (207 and 110). They may horse around like overgrown kids, but everyday when they leave their families to go to work they are prepared to risk their lives.

  • nabeguy

    They’re all great. I just happen to live on Middagh, so the 205/118 sprang to mind first.

  • AAR

    Nabeguy – I love the guys at Middagh, too – take them cookies at Christmas time and flowers outside on 9/11 every year.

  • Heights Low

    Oh crap. That wine store had the best prices in town! Damn.

  • nabeguy

    AAR, you sound like the patron saint of the FDNY…good on you. Heights Low, if you have a car, try Brooklyn Liquor next to Costco on 36th and 3rd Avenue. It’s run by Gil, who used to own Van Vlecks where the Sleepy’s now is on Montague. Not the largest selection in town, but certainly the lowest prices on the the best brands.

  • Dirty Clothing

    Where are we going to drop off our laundry now? Now both of the Montague Street laundry mats are out of comission

  • Rochdalian

    Am I alone in being suspicious over the fact that both laundromats on Montague Street had fires in the past year?

  • Heights Low

    Thanks nabeguy….I will check them out.

  • x

    wherre can we do laundry now?? I have a pile of dirty clothes and nowhere to go!!

  • nabeguy

    x, Columbia Place & Joralemon. I also heard that Variety Mart is having a special this week on washboards.

  • hoppy

    Most people in this neighborhood have access to washers and dryers for sure, but I can imagine that there are many, without a budget for ‘wash and fold service’,who relied on this business for the cheaper self-service machines. I’m not sure what comfort they’ll take in shlepping their clothes another mile or being told to buy a washboard. Maybe this is a conspiracy to rid the neighborhood of its tenement renters?