Eagle: Production Gifts Nabe for Shoot

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The Brooklyn Eagle reports that Gramercy Productions, the producers of Burn After Reading, which recently shot in Brooklyn Heights has sent donations and gifts to “several social and educational entities”:

Brooklyn Eagle: Movie Maker Offers Gifts…: Gramercy Productions informed the Brooklyn Heights Association that it has made donations to P.S. 8, St. Francis College, Community Board 2, the BHA and Hope. The gifts were described as “generous” by Judy Stanton, the BHA executive director.

No mention in the article on what those gifts were specifically.

Pictured: Ethan Coen with George Clooney on Middagh Street

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  • bhb reader

    Cool! This PS8 parent is psyched … after all, they DID allow the crew to use the bathroom one day :)

  • JL

    I’ll take it. It is better than nothing, and I am not sure if other production companies have done the same in the past. Maybe it will set a precedent for future productions in our wonderful neighborhood. Congrats to all that benefitted directly.

  • Matt Evan

    It’s really nice to read stuff like this. Big kudos to the production company for being a good neighbor.

  • GHB

    Love hearing that stuff. To all those who complained constantly during production, don’t you feel just a little bad?

  • joe

    BHA is a waste. Boy did they make our neighborhood rent-able. BH, the rent-a-neighborhood of choice. And Judy Stanton…the agent of all sell outs. Probably got a signed pic of GC for her efforts a smoothing the way for the infestation of film folk. Real power that org, except when it comes to doing anything constructive.

  • frank

    Feel bad? You are kidding of course. I had hoped that Mr. Looney’s motorcycle accident would be a really bad one and that that would prevent the film-fascists from taking over. But no such luck was to be. And when I wrote to the film company for details, they lied about duration of the stay and how much it would disturb the hood. “We” would hardly notice them…yeah, sure.

  • splash

    Frank- what a horrible thing to say!! It’s cranky people like you that need to move out of the nabe!