Brick Attack on Joralemon

A BHB tipster sent us this dispatch last night claiming:

Someone threw a brick at a guy walking down the street around 8pm. He was waiting for his friend to come and pick him up and I guess they had just spotted each other when he got hit. Just as he was turning the corner to walk down Joralemon (in the direction of the BQE ) someone drove by on Hicks and tossed the brick. I heard yelling so I went to the window to see what was going on. The guy was sitting on the sidewalk holding his head — there was a lot of blood so I think that he was hurt pretty badly. Three cop cruisers and an ambulance came. As far as I could tell they could not locate the brick and they all left within 20 minutes.

It’s terrifying to think that this could be a random crime in Brooklyn Heights! And on a Sunday evening.


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  • jorale-man

    I’m curious if the tipster called 911 or did the victim? Or someone else? After that horrible incident in Queens where the homeless man died as a couple dozen people walked by, it makes you wonder about people’s willingness to help their fellow man.

  • bugsy

    There’s a real problem in that part of the heights. Remsen to Atlantic, and (I don’t know) Henry and to the BQE, muggings, attacks like this. The lighting is piss poor, it’s obviously not got much commercial activity, and the police completely ignore it.

  • Seth Murphy

    I have lived in this part of the heights for 12 years now, and in the past months there seem to have been more problems than in all the previous years combined. From graffiti, gunpoint muggings, car vandalism and hit and runs (Only on parked cars thank god). It has seemed to coincide with the new targets .. err. . . residents at one Brooklyn Bridge Park. I am really worried that when the park opens it will only get worse if police patrols are not stepped up in the area. I can’t remember the last time I saw a cop on the beat here. They only come when you call. This needs to change.

  • the Where

    Considering that is Yassky’s block you’d think he’d get some five 0 on the scene to watch his butt.

  • WillowtownCop

    There was yelling? They couldn’t find the brick? I suspect it wasn’t a random attack.

  • bugsy

    That may well be, WillowtownCop (I doesn’t sound random). Nonetheless, this part of the Heights is starting to have major problems.

  • Heights mom

    Kind of telling that this thread, and the one about Montague Wines have few or no comments but the thread bitching about the wine bar has 21. No wonder there is no community feel in the Heights.

  • Heights lady

    It does seem like there is more reported violence in the neighborhood lately — and it’s very scary. What’s the deal with One Brooklyn Bridge Park? I remember back when there were random cops patroling the area… what can we do to get them to step it up? It’s one thing to have a guy building nerf football bombs in his apartment (we haven’t forgotten about that have we?) and quite another for an upswing in random violence.