BH Wine Bar is Brownstoner’s Restaurant of the Day

brooklyn-heights-wine-barOur friends at Brownstoner showed us some love by bestowing “Restaurant of the Day” status on the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar. (A previous winner was Clark’s Restaurant.) They describe it as “[filling] a void Brooklyn Heights’ residents have felt for ages.” What do you think? Has the void been filled?

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  • john todd

    bad service + cold food + no utensils = wonderful eating experiences

  • Remsen

    Ummm, no. Bar needs are not yet filled.

  • my2cents

    I think the concept of restaurant of the day is sort of funny. This means they would pick 365 restaurants in a year. that’s kind of a lot, no?

  • Lou

    That place is okay. I’m glad it re-opened after the blue pig busy chef nonsense. But I think the wine bar void is filled. But the bar and restaurant void is not. I wish there was a nice mexican place SOMEWHERE nearby.

  • m

    I agree, a nice mexican restaurant like Maryann’s in the city,or a greek restaurant would be good additions to the few good restaurants in Brooklyn Heights.

  • m

    thought i was going crazy- then i looked at the dates of the comments about the restaurant on columbia place. Guess they ran out of funding- a frequent problem with new restaurants. forgot to say that i Love Siggy’s and wish she could move to a bigger space so that you don’t have to compete with the noise from the juicer- but the brunch is the best around, service excellent, quality of food excellent and she cooks the best fish.You go girl!

  • Lauren

    M, I heartily agree that Siggy’s is one of the best local places around. In my experience, both the food and service have always been excellent.

  • Jonathan Morris

    I always hear about Siggy’s. It’s definitely on my list now.

  • Heather Quinlan

    I like Siggy’s — walking past it always makes me think of that weird William Hurt quote the Post had when he ate there: “The only way I alter my states now is organically.”

  • my2cents

    I must confess I miss the Cuban restaurant that used to be there. It was so tasty and reasonable.

  • RamonaQ

    I loved that Cuban restaurant. Granted, I was usually the only customer in there, so I understand why they closed.

  • David G

    I agree! It would great to have a Mexican Food place to take a spot in the northern heights. Or maybe a fourth Sushi place…JK.

  • Monty

    I like this place. The make Stumptown coffee, so it’s a great brunch spot. You people are never happy. I like Siggy’s too. The menu is kinda hit and miss in my opinion, but some dishes are great. I loooove their breakfast burrito and I am a connoisseur.

  • David on Middagh

    Occasionally I treat myself to a Siggy’s breakfast plate, with scrambled eggs, greens, and toast. Everything has always been just right. Vegans can order the tofu scramble.

  • justaneighbor

    This place would have been great but for the snobbish bartender who thinks he’s too good for his own venue.

  • Harry K

    The Brownstoner must have been pretty hard up for a “Restaurant of the Day.” I can’t speak to the wine bar experience, and maybe that’s worth it, but my wife and I had lunch there a few months ago. The food was so awful we could hardly get it down, and we’re not food snobs, or wine snobs, or anything snobs. Agree with the others on the wonderful food at Siggy’s and equally agree that Siggy could use a bigger venue – the din is so total inside that we only eat there when we can eat at the outside tables.

  • Billy Reno

    The Tazza in SoJo is waaaay better!

  • Andrew

    The Wine Bar is pretty good for what it is. But it alone doesn’t fill the void — or black hole — that is the restaurant scene in the area. It is a good addition to the area, but the area is still very lacking in restaurant options. As a fan of Wine Bar, I’d say that it’s not even a reason alone to come to the North Heights.

  • my2cents

    I am just glad there is a viable business in that space!

  • tb

    Tazza stinks. Too rude and to many signs telling you what you can’t do. Boo Tazza.

  • Nemmy 400

    I think it is wonderful. The menu has been extended, and you can have bar food or a meal. The staff is terrific – I have been there several times and have only had great experiences. I am delighted to have them as neighbors…..