Coming Soon to Hicks Street: J. McLauglin


Greenpoint based national clothing store J. McLauglin is slated to open at 218 Hicks Street at the beginning of May.  Here’s a rendering of what we can expect in the old Hamilton Design Studio space.

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  • Bjorn D’Angelo

    Personally, I’m thrilled about the addition of JML, but then again I’m a southern CT raised whale embroidered seersucker everything wearer to the core. One of the things I loved most about BHeights is that it’s NOT full of messenger bag slinging graphic designer type hipsters in funky glasses. Not that I have anything against those types as there certainly are some here, but compared to say Billyburg, this neighborhood has far more diversity in a professional sense. About a month ago, this blog had post about what commercial businesses people wish for most in the neighborhood and if memory serves correctly, JCrew was mentioned more than anyone else. Is there really much difference? Sure JML is more exclusive and more expensive, but style wise, there isn’t much difference. I have plenty of stuff from JML, but I get all of it at their outlet store in South Norwalk CT near where I grew up a little less than an hour up I-95, so I have no reason to go to this one given I’m in CT quite often. Still, a great addition to the hood.

  • ABC

    Looks like a very pretty storefront to me.

  • north heights res

    Shopped constantly at Overtures when I moved here in 1998. When it became impossible to buy a card for under $3 or a gift for under $50 (they became outrageous after they renovated), I stopped. They outpriced themselves for my teacher’s wallet.