NY Times City Room Picks Up on Brooklyn Heights Blog’s Chop the Choppers

J. David Goodman picks up on the Chop the Choppers movement in today’s NY Times City Room:

NY Times City Room: By that point, however, the discussion of tourist helicopters flying over Brooklyn Heights was well under way. “Whatever, the pleasures of the park are drowned out by the constant buzz of helicopters,” was the first response to a post on Brooklyn Heights Blog about the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. “I was there today and it felt like being on the set of ‘Apocalypse Now.’ What a waste.”

On Monday, the blog began the first in a series of posts on the subject, calling on elected officials to curb the flights and featuring a video of commenter complaints set to chop-chopping sights and sound from the Brooklyn waterfront.

Chop the Choppers – join the conversation, add your ideas, sign the petition!

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