Chop The Choppers: Heliport Press Conference Video

Today’s Helicopter Noise Press Conference, courtesy of Karl Junkersfeld.

WPIX-TV’s 6:30pm package after the jump.

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  • martinlbrooklyn

    Big thanks to BHB for helping to stimulate wide coverage of the Curse of the Choppers. Cong.Nadler nailed the tourism money myth propagated by a misled Bloomberg. NYC doesn’t need those noise-making flying machines to attract out-of-towners. Period. Our thanks to him, Squadron and Marty Markowitz for speaking up forcefully on behalf of our benighted Brooklyn neighborhoods.

  • Homer Fink

    Martin – thanks for your comment. Your influence upon us – especially at this time with this issue – is profound. We strive each day to be the 21st Century successors to the Brooklyn Heights Press of Richard Margolis… and this new technology gives all of us – our writers and our readers – the opportunity to be the 21st Century Martin Schneider , Otis Pearsall, Edwards Rullman etc .

    Our goal is to insure that people from all over Brooklyn and the rest of New York City, America and the World will be able to enjoy Brooklyn Bridge Park in relative peace.

    The amount of flights must be decreased or BBP will NOT be a destination of choice for anyone in search of recreation and relaxation.

    Chop the Choppers and park visits will soar and the tourism dollars will flow — into DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and beyond.

  • fulton ferry res

    Homer, I am not happy that you continue to pursue only a 4 hour quiet period, and that you spoke of it at the news conference. Not one of the elected officials spoke of such a minimal change. The tourist flights currently operate from 9AM-7PM, so that would still give them 6 hours in the skies, which does not equal what Senator Squadron termed “severely curtail.” And having a 4 hour quiet period mid-day will not do any good for the visitors who come down to the Park after work to enjoy the sunset, nor will having it late in the day do any good for those who work from home. Please rethink your position.

  • nabeguy

    First of all, Homer for Mayor! Or at least, Borough President.There’s a method to Homer’s madness…and, no, he doesn’t own stock in the tour companies. I’ve already called him out on what some see as a capitulation to the city’s desire to feed its coffers, but he may be right in taking the middle ground as it may be the only way that the city administration will listen to any of these requests, given the economic state that it finds itself in. I’m surprised that no one seems to have brought up the fact that the 30th Street heliport was on the Hudson, which is twice as wide as the East River, and not surrounded by large buildings that reverberates the noise from the helicopters. Has anyone actually done sone testing to determine the decibel levels?

  • T.K. Small

    Although this is not scientific, I was i driving near Montague Terrace earlier today with the radio on and the window open only about 2 inches and the helicopter sound overwhelmed George Thorogood. This helicopter noise is definitely “bad to the bone!”

  • Homer Fink

    FFR – thanks for your comment. Our proposal is evolving and the input of you and all of the BHB community is essential. So keep on askin’ questions and offering your opinion.

    Nabe – BHB is now the proud owner of a decibel meter. Stay tuned.

  • sbk3

    I do not understand the idea of a 4 hour quiet period. We deserve to be able to enjopy our homes 24 hours a day. There is no reason why the residents of Brooklyn Heights and the visitors to our neighborhood and new park should have to endure this noise for even one hour of a day. If visitors are so keen to see New York city from the air they should request a window seat when they fly into the city.

  • David on Middagh

    Go for a complete tourist/commuter flight ban.

  • my2cents

    I am impressed that public officials are actually doing something to try and work on this. We’ll have to see whether the Mayor will listen though…
    I think there is a place for commuter helicopters as there were before. But the tourist helicopters really need to be eliminated. Seems like a mess in the airspace to begin with anyway.

  • nabeguy

    I will Homer. And thank you for fighting the good fight. My ears and nervous system are forever indebted to you and others for your efforts on their behalf. Seriously.

  • vjc

    Almost a year ago now I noticed an increase in helicopter traffic over Brooklyn Heights and most notably a significant increase at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. The roar from the helicopters gets trapped across the river and makes it impossible to open windows or sit quietly inside your house if you live in Brooklyn Heights, especially on the water. I have written to the Mayor and to Ms. Patricia Ornst at NYCEDC almost daily in the past year with one response from the Mayor’s office claiming that they had no jurisdiction over this issue and occasional verbal sympathy from Ms. Ornst. Once I heard from the FAA, after numerous letters, I was told to contact the pilots association to see if they would fly higher but when I contacted them I was told to be happy that I didn’t live next to a 24 hour facility!! A four hour ban is a ridiculous suggestion and all those in favor of this solution should come to the Promenade and see how long they can endure the noise and constant activity. If I am at home between 9:30 a.m. and
    7 p.m. I am forced to wear ear plugs seven days a week!

  • vjc

    For all of those that have taken the time to contact the Mayor’s office on this issue and expect him to understand and help solve it here is the one and only response that I received from his administration:

    Dear Ms. —-:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns about
    helicopter noise in New York City. This administration values your
    involvement as all New Yorkers work together to improve our great City.
    However, the matter you have written about is outside the jurisdiction
    of the Office of the Mayor. I recommend you contact the Federal Aviation
    Administration, the Federal agency in charge of civil aviation in the
    United States:

    U.S. Department of Transportation

    Federal Aviation Administration

    800 Independence Avenue Southwest

    Washington, DC 20591

    (866) TELL-FAA

    Thank you again for contacting the Office of the Mayor.


    Robert D. Richardson

    Director of Correspondence

  • T.K. Small

    Helicopter Noise Update: With my windows closed and a telephone headset covering my ears, I can still hear the helicopters clearly.

  • vjc

    One of the many typical letters to the FAA in 2009:
    Here is a brief log that will demonstrate what a huge problem this helicopter traffic has become in and around Brooklyn Heights:
    10:48 a.m. landing
    10:50 flying by
    11:01 landing
    11:05 taking off
    11:09 landing
    11:12 flying by OH NO landing but so loud at first i though flying by
    11:15 flying by
    11:15 the 11:12 taking off
    11:16 landing
    11:21 taking off
    11:22 landing
    All of this was documented from sitting inside my living room and being alerted to the activity from hearing noises and not sitting outside viewing and documenting. No one can live with this much noise and distraction. I demand that these helicopters stop flying by my house as their presence disturbs me and no one has the right to behave like this.

  • jorale-man

    This is purely anecdotal but I’ve been working in my apartment on Joralemon near Clinton most of today, a Saturday, and have noticed a steady buzz of helicopters all day long. I’m several blocks from the Promenade, but it hardly ever stops. It’s clear this isn’t just an issue for people right along the waterfront but well inland as well.

    I’m glad that Homer has an issue. It’s a really valuable public service for our neighborhood.

  • T.K. Small

    Another helicopter noise update: I just returned from a great walk around the neighborhood and sat for some time on the Promenade near Montague Street. The helicopter noise is omnipresent and never really stopped. Perhaps more dramatic, before I went out, I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth with the water running (I know, environmentally irresponsible) and I could still hear the helicopters. Also, this afternoon I spoke with my sister who lives on Grace Court. As she left her building she could very definitely smell the fuel/exhaust from the helicopters.

  • bornhere

    I went down to the Promenade today (at Montague), and I first have to admit that, despite spending time there since I was born (and I have the spooky 8 mm b&W films to prove it), I have never paid much attention to the sounds; but what I noticed today is that the noise from the BQE, which I can hear 24/7 at Joralemon and Henry, seemed way worse than the helicopters, although the latter are definitely an added drag. What I found most different was the visual — it looked like an endless search and rescue mission going on, with a stunning number of helicopters. I also didn’t see one helicopter fly near the Brooklyn Bridge or over the Heights, and all seemed to focus on Governor Island, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and then the west side of Manhattan. But — once I was back on Columbia Heights and regions west, the sound of the helicopters was MUCH more evident, and I can only imagine what it’s like for dwellers west of Henry. It was very windy, so while I sort of draped myself on the fence on the Promenade, the sounds of the wind and the BQE traffic may have served to muffle the chopper noise. And, as I sit here and type this, I hear the choppers drone. So that’s my take. And I still have to wonder who thinks seeing New York from above provides any sense of this town from a social, historical, or architectural perspective.
    And I also want to add a nod to Homer and others for their efforts on this.

  • bornhere

    Location, location, location: I meant “regions east,” but you all knew that…..

  • Matthew Parker

    I spent the day on the Promenade, at Pier 1, and down by the River Cafe garden and the helicopters are non stop. I tried to notice a time when 1 or more helicopters were not loudly chopping overhead and it that happen over many hours of close observation. As many others have noted, this is a very bad new situation that must be mitigated.

    I’m pleased that this issue is being taken seriously by resident, the local press and our politicians.