Great Wall Re-Opens – We Ordered and Lived

Henry Street Chinese take-out staple Great Wall has reopened after being shut down by the NYC Department of Health last week.  We ordered from there this evening – beef and broccoli, egg foo young and other dishes – and a few hours later we’re alive and feeling fine.   Unlike the weird and bizarre chain of events that led to the demise of Le Petit Marche (and its rebirth as Bread and Butter), the folks at Great Wall just fixed their issues and reopened.

Will you go back to Great Wall? Vote in our poll after the jump.

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  • Arch Stanton

    Thank Ford…
    I had to order from Andy’s the other night… While the food was good, I had to shell out an extra 6 bucks and got about a third less….
    I’ve been going to Great Wall for years and never even got a bellyache… You can stand at the counter and see what’s happening in the kitchen… nothing I’ve seen there was nearly as bad as things I’ve seen in other restaurant kitchens… Believe me when the kitchen out of sight of the customer, the sanitary conditions can be and often are a lot worse… even places like Dean & Deluca (no way I will eat prepared food from them after seeing one of their kitchens, yucckers)…
    I’ll be ordering from Great wall tomorrow…

  • AEB

    Great Wall?

  • mhon

    Totally agree with Arch. And thanks for the tip regarding D&D.

  • Andrew

    I’m not eating at Great Wall anymore not because of the DOH’ing, but because their food isn’t all that good. (Like all Chinese places in the Heights.)

  • Quinn Raymond

    I like Lychee Nut, it’s pretty solid.

  • Po

    We’ve ordered from day one and never a problem. They’ve saved my life many a late work nite. You’re right, you can watch them prepare and the food is decent for local. The steamed beancurd & veggies, dumpling sauce on the side (no gravy!) is always fresh, clean and healthy.

  • heights mom

    We love Great Wall. The food is always fresh and so reasonable. I sort of like the chicken wing/fries availability too – not classy, but so what. It’s take out Chinese.

  • Heightsman

    Can someone name exactly what is so good when they order? I tried them and it was so-so and cheap tasting. I am willing to give them a try but compared to Fortune House they are not that great.

  • chubarb

    If you stick to the American menu, the roast pork bun and the Hunan beef are pretty great. But pros know to go for the secret menu. You should ask for the chilled marinated pig’s knuckle. Or the Malaysian Chow Foon. If they act confused, it just means they think you’re not ready.