Hedges’ Brooklyn Heights Novel Coming to Big Screen

Brooklyn Heights based author Peter Hedges will adapt, direct and produce the film version of his novel The Heights. Variety reports that  Focus Features acquired the film rights for the Brooklyn Heights based novel.  This project reunites the author with Focus head of production, John Lyons who produced Pieces of April which was written and directed by Hedges.

No word on if the film will be shot here but given the fact that Hedges curated the BHA’s “Hollywood in the Heights” event it’s probably a safe bet that it will.

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  • AL

    Sure hope the film will be better than the book, which was a big disappointment. Boring characters leading cliched lives. I expected better from the clever and talented Peter Hedges.

  • Peter Hedges


  • Norman E-Mailer

    Sources say that the character of “Fomer Hink” will be played by Rue McClanahan. DEVELOPING…..

  • ABC

    LOL Peter Hedges

  • Homer Fink

    Well there is a kid named Homer in the book. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  • cat

    This is no surprise, and the fact that it comes so soon after publication goes back to my original comment on this book in March: He wrote a screenplay and called it a novel. Sorry I wasted my time reading it–should have just waited for the movie.

  • jorale-man

    Don’t let the haters get to you, Peter. It’ll make a good movie. I just hope it doesn’t attract the kind of crowds who flock to the West Village to see the Sex in the City haunts.

  • cat

    @ jorale-man: It may make a good movie. It didn’t make a good book.

  • jorale-man

    To each his or her own opinion…

  • Lulie Haddad

    I LOVED this book. I haven’t been so consumed by a novel in years. Wonderful book, will be a wonderful film. Also, I have met Hedges on different occasions, and he is many things…nasty sure ain’t one of them. He happens to be incredibly thoughtful and kind.

  • Andrew Porter

    And it can be filmed right here, in BH. Hey, that’s never been done before, right? Uh….

  • Andrea Robinson

    I’m so excited to start reading the Heights! Just purchased it two days ago at a fundraiser I’m involved in for a wonderful guild. Had the opportunity to meet Peter Hedges. He has many women interested and excited to read his new novel! His wit, smile and compassion won us all over! Can’t wait to write after I finish the book!