Drama on Monroe Place

Several readers have emailed us wondering what happened this morning on Monroe Place.  According to one reader the street was filled with “NYPD SWAT teams, ambulances and a hostage negotiation vehicle”.   NYPD reports an incident involving a barricaded EDP (emotionally disturbed person) at number 26 at 9:32 am today.  Sources tell BHB that he was taken into custody.

Update: A neighbor tells BHB that the incident took place at number 29 and that the person in question was not taken into custody because once the officers were able to gain access there was no one home.

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  • Rochdalian

    A whole bunch of fire engines pulled up in front of the CVS on Henry Street this morning, and you could smell smoke as well.

  • weegee

    No working fires in Brooklyn today since the four-bagger on Myrtle Ave. during the overnight.

  • No One of Consequence

    A perfectly sane person locked their doors when they went out this morning and came home this evening to find their front door kicked-in.
    Had they been home, they would have surely been taken into custody, simply for being home and locking the door.