New Neighbor: The Moxie Spot


The Moxie Spot (81 Atlantic Avenue) had its doors open during the Atlantic Antic, but it looked far from "officially" open.  They've begun postering the neighborhood in anticipation of a Grand Opening however. Their website is live now complete with a preview of Moxie's family friendly menu. Chuck E. Cheese watch out?!

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  • Beavis

    Possibly the worst name ever.

  • BH resident

    I like the menu, though.

  • No One of Consequence

    Worse than Food Maestro?

  • cranberry

    sounds like it would fit in on the corner of cranberry…

  • cranberry

    Wow….i just looked at the menu and i don’t think there is a single item that couldn’t be purchased in a high school or hospital cafeteria. Our neighborhood is like the culinary armpit of new york city.

  • elizabells

    THANK you, cranberry, a cafeteria! I was reading through the menu trying to figure out what the hell it reminded me of. Certainly not somewhere I’d eat, nor somewhere my parents would have taken us. And I’ve been known to eat at Fresh Choice, so it’s not like I’m fancy over here.

  • eric

    Occassionally a place like this can surprise you and have an odd great item. Like the nachos, or the fried wantons will be great.
    But probably not.

    Speaking of, is there anywhere even close to BH to get good hot wings? How about delivered?
    I will never go back to BWW in atlantic terminal. The wings are decent, but the service is the worst I have ever had in any restaurant, ever.

  • Matilda

    I peeked in and I didn’t see a playspace or anything that would make it really “kid friendly.” I wonder if they plan to build one? Otherwise I don’t think I’d go…might as well go to a regular restaurant.

  • eric

    Yeah the wings at henry are pretty decent. Good size, good amount, tasty, very good blue cheese. Could stand to have a few more heat levels and/or flavors though. I likes it hot!

  • nabeguy

    Can someone explain the artwork in this poster? The yin-yang image I kind of get, given the Asian bent of the menu, but what’s with the naval mine silhouette? Eat here and you’ll blow up?

  • lady montague

    Uhh, I think it’s a captain’s wheel, not a mine. But good catch on the seafaring allusion. I’m guessing it’s related to their location on Atlantic down by the waterfront.

  • Jennifer Hoenig

    Hold your tounge till you taste the chili prawns. they are good

  • harry lee

    ive heard theres a tiny toilet for little kids.

  • Arthur Krauser

    The Moxie Spot. A good neighborhood eatery. I had the grilled salmon with spinach and brown rice and a small salad bar plate. All the food was fresh and tasted great. In addition there are a vaiety of spicy sauces that can be added to the dish and/or salad.

    All the other people eaing there appeared to be happy with the food.

    There are organic chicken dishes and a lot of ice cream deserts and topings for children.

    The childrens nursery/day care area is on the second floor.

    For us the servie was fast. We ordered at the counter by checkin items on the menue and within 6-7 minutes all the food was delivered to our table. Recommend the other posters give a closer look.