Atlantic Antic 2007

This year's Atlantic Antic was a great time, with Mary Weiss' Magnetic Field stage performance being one of the highlights.  Fans of every age watched her perform Shangri-Las classics and tunes from her new album, Dangerous Game.

The other highlight, of course, was the annual belly dance extravaganza staged by Eddie "the Sheik" Kochak. For anyone who didn't get the memo, Eddie is by far the coolest resident of Brooklyn Heights.


And even though Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce was completely dissed by FloydNY for the Fall season, BB roller Cindy almost took home the grand prize (a Trek bike) in the bar's annual Antic bocce tourney. (Wait until Winter… oh yes)

What did you do at the Antic? 

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  • danny

    What did you eat at the Antic? Best parts for me was eating crackling, ice cream, and sardines. Oh, and winning a NJ Nets cap.

  • joe

    me too. eating was the highlight. I had the homemade sausage in front Long Island Diner, the roasted pork sandwich at Jolie, Steve’s keylime pie and Adam’s chocolate muffin/cupcake thing.

    Great food all around. I was just sorry I didn’t have room for the trout that people were raving about.

    Music was great. My favorite street fair by far.

  • CF

    Saw Gabriel Byrne strolling around the Antic. Pretty awesome.