Dan Rather on Promenade

As I set out on my morning run today, I saw a man in a dark suit standing on a platform placed between benches on the Promenade near the foot of Montague Street.  His face was spotlit and a mike was being boomed towards him as a crew prepared to shoot.  As I jogged past, I recognized him as former CBS news anchor Dan Rather.  No doubt this appearance, with lower Manhattan as his backdrop, is connected with his recently filed $70 million lawsuit against his former employer resulting from the controversial handling of the story concerning President Bush's National Guard service during the Vietnam era.

Update: Reader mrmcd points out that Rather may just have been doing a segment for his regular show on HDNet. Thanx.

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  • mrmcd

    Why would it be connected? He also does a news program on a cable channel called HDNet.

  • Homer Fink

    Yes, he’d have politicians quivering like a muskrat in a monsoon.

  • http://www.dTourist.com dorio

    I grabbed a shot of him yesterday morning, with my camphone, down in DUMBO also. You can see it at my photoblog ifyou click on my name.