YouTube User Hearts Brooklyn Heights

Queens resident/YouTube user “hitchcockhill” fantasizes about living in Brooklyn Heights.   He loves our humble hamlet so much that he’s created a Tron-like homage….. errr sumthin’.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Couldn’t agree more. As cliche as it sounds, it is really an area where people identify with a neighborhood called “Brooklyn Heights”. Even subdivisions of the Heights are proud of there little piece of heaven, for example, Willowtown.

    Here in the North Heights we are proud of having the oldest housing stock in Brooklyn. It is flat out a great place to live. The residents aren’t bad either. There isn’t a day goes by that i don’t marvel at the intellectual level of the average Brooklyn Heights resident. Every casual meeting I have on the street with a resident is a learning experience.

    Manhattan, where I grew up, was like that once upon a time, neighborhood feel I mean, but that is long gone. The village is a perfect example, just walk down Bleecker Street and the change hits you in the face.

    Lastly, we got a great blog that keeps us informed about the immediate area. Homer fink, I’m a big fan.

    It don’t get much better.

  • ratNYC

    I’m absolutely positive I saw them filming this a few days ago. I though they were tourists.

  • nabeguy

    I have some empty space under my front porch…any takers?

  • hitchcockhill

    WOW! I can’t believe you guys found this and put it on a blog this quickly! I decided at random to shoot some footage and come up with something since I was so inspired by the neighborhood. I did joke with my friends that I’m glad I didn’t get shot at while pretending to overly admire each door front. Maybe one day I can come and live and join you in Brooklyn Heights.

  • AEB

    A droll young man!. And nabe, does your space have an EIK?

  • tb

    Nabeguy… Ill live under your porch. Do I have priority because I live in the heights? Am I second on the waitlist after AEB?

  • EveL

    hitchcockhill – we are about to leave our BH one bedroom on Columbia heights. rental. let me know if you’re interested!

  • hitchcockhill

    Hey – thanks for the offer. I’m stuck in my place till the end of June. So if you’re leaving now – I can’t take it. Plus I’m afraid my budget wouldn’t allow it at this point.