What Stores Do You Want on Montague?

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

Picking up on a suggestion by loyal BHB reader and commenter Nabeguy, in an attempt to get away from kvetching about what’s actually coming, what are your wishes for five establishments you’d like to see go into vacant spots on Montague?

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  • PJL

    1 Bar
    2 Mexican restaurant
    3 Fish/seafood store
    4 Old Navy
    5 Bar w. pool table/real bar space

  • Mickey

    An authentic Greek restaurant (not diner) would be nice. I also miss Taco Madre; homestyle Mexican food (not a chain) would be great, too.

  • PS

    One decent restaurant. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

    And a 3rd-wave coffee shop.
    (E.g., http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/03/09/dining/20100309-new-york-coffee-map.html)

  • Kat

    1. Korean restaurant (that delivers) — we miss our kimchi stew so much.
    2. Good Mexican restaurant. (Even just Paquitos would be nice!)
    3. JCrew
    4. Maybe a comfort shoe place, like TipTop Shoes?
    5. Pita Grill?

  • Andrew

    1. Fish/seafood store
    2. Produce/vegetable/fruit stand
    3. A good neighborhood restaurant (as in good food, good value. Korean, Mexican, Greek would all be nice to have.)
    4. Another good neighborhood restaurant (see above)
    5. A coffee/bar hybrid (Focusing on the quality of the coffee, ala the 3rd-wave shops that PS mentions, but then also shifting over to focusing on quality cocktails, spirits, beer & wine in the evening. And brings in eclectic live music, bluegrass, jazz, etc. if anyone wants to invest, I think I just wrote the business plan in this comment.)

    Also would love to have a haberdasher, a bakery, houseware store and clothier in the neighborhood, ideally locally owned and unique, but I’d peg the restaurants and bar as more likely to succeed on Montague, if someone can open one that’s worth succeeding.

  • beth

    Korean food!
    Produce market!
    LAUDROMAT. (I haven’t washed my own clothes in the nabe since George’s burned down — the other place seemed too small and crowded, and not open when I needed it. Not that George’s was either.)
    Nice neighborhood bar with great beers and good cocktails.
    Above all, I’d like to see independent businesses, please!

  • Rik Lucas

    Any store would need to have a touristy appeal (along with a community need) in order to be successful, so;
    1. A bakery (with cupcakes in the window)(and fresh-baked pretzels)
    2. Magazines/newspapers/books from around the world
    3. Soda fountain/energy drink/frozen yogurt
    4. Wine and cheese bar (w/live music)
    5. L&B/Roll & Roaster

  • peace and quiet

    a local made gifts, art, crafts store will be the best!

  • http://www.jasonfry.net BklynJace

    1. Shake Shack
    2. Return of the Gap
    3. A restaurant that rises above “depressingly average”
    4. A decent scruffy bar
    5. [Hell, gimme any one of the above four and I’ll take a nail salon]

  • Homer Fink

    Just a note here: We had Armando’s delivery the other night and it was great… really great! Kudos to the folks there for bringing back my beloved lobster sign (mach 2) and some good eats!

  • MB

    Anyone else want a good Jewish deli/appetizing store?

  • bklynnate

    1. Pita-based restaurant. Something where $5 gets you a good meal.
    2. A solid offering from the owners of Frankie’s, perhaps in the ‘ino style. Also acceptable: a Blue Ribbon, preferably not just Shshi. Shake Shack wouldn’t be bad either….
    3. Citarella or Union Market — or Lassen & Hennings needs to Seriously step-up its game (but I’m not counting on that).
    4. Book store would be key. How can a neighborhood pointed out by guidebooks as one of the literary hotbeds of NY not have even one good solid neighborhood store?
    5. Yea, I admit, a J.Crew would be nice.
    – I left out coffee shop as I’m partial to Iris and wish it nothing but the best.

  • since47

    Oh Claude – you beat me to it – I’d love to have Capulet’s, The Cabin, Munier’s, Sam’s Meat market and Silver’s. Okay – I long for the past way too much. What I’d like now is:
    1. A fish market (maybe Fish Tales II) with sawdust on the floor.
    2. A real bakery, because although we have Lassen’s (I can’t include Garden of Eden because their baked goods aren’t that good), we need something more.
    3. Meat market – the Heights Meat Market on Clark Street is terrific, but it’s not on Montague Street.
    4. A real bookstore (not the Court Street Barnes & Noble). For Brooklyn Heights, with its long history of writers past and present, not to have a bookstore is just plain crazy.
    5. A Laundromat that’s guaranteed not to burn down.

  • C.

    1. Bar (like Floyd’s but with better music)
    2. Bar (like Zombie Hut or Camp)
    3. Beer Garden
    4. Zara
    5. New Orleans type Restaurant and Bar (must get Crawfish boil)
    6. Yeah I’m doing 6. We got plenty of vacancies. – Bar (like Sugar Lounge)

  • Monty

    @Marianne, a Panera might be nice, but there is already a Hale and Hearty at Remsen and Court.

    @since47, A book store would be a terrible idea. If B&N doesn’t destroy them, e-books will. They shoot a lot movies here too, but that doesn’t mean we need a new video store.

  • WillowtownCop

    1. a better Gap than the one that was there before
    2. a bookstore
    3. a good Mexican restaurant
    4. an army / navy store or a vintage clothing store
    5. Jamba Juice or some other smoothie place
    6. used music store like Amoeba in San Francisco
    7. a beer garden
    8. housewares store w/ good kitchen gadgets
    9. sports equipment / sneakers store
    10. arts / crafts supply store

  • 8)

    strip club

  • BHgirl

    A laundromat! So needed.
    Pastry/coffee lounge
    Wine and Cheese bar :)
    Laila Rowe, perhaps

  • kb

    one decent restaurant is right – is that too much to ask for this area?
    and i agree with keeping this area on family owned/run side – a Frankies addition is always a good idea.
    Palacenka was a great place in soho that closed over a year ago due to the increase in rent – bring that to BH!!
    a clothing store that is trendy but not expensive – items you might find in a boutique in the city but not an Ann Taylor or Gap.

  • http://www.melaniehopegreenberg.com melanie hope greenberg


  • C.

    a proper Irish pub like Ceol. Eamon’s is terrible.

  • AEB

    Claude, I never forget french letters; it’s the boy scout in me. (Uh- oh! I think I’ve gotten myself in deeper. Double uh-oh!)

  • http://www.litchfieldjazzfest.com Lindsey

    1) I’d love to see a great bakery (bread, not just cupcakes). If it had a cafe space for breakfast, it would be that much better!
    2) A jazz venue (Park Slope has Puppet’s, where’s BH on the music front??)
    3) Great restaurants are always a plus
    4) Bookstore would be nice, although walk a few more blocks south and their’s a B&N
    5) I like the fish market idea!

  • Pierrepont

    I’d echo a lot of what I see here, with a few additions:

    1) Quality stationery store. (Kate’s Paperie, or thereabouts.)
    2) Newsstand/cafe with character
    3) Almondine South!
    4) Serious Mexican food — like El Parador
    5) Housewares — with personality/point-of-view.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    AEB: I can always count on you for penetrating analysis.

  • Bob

    1) GREAT Mexican
    2) a high-end cigar store and smoking room
    3) A real Deli.
    4) Borders (could pull us away from Barnes & Noble)
    5) A Raoul’s/Cafe Luxemborg/Les Halles type of French Brasserie.

  • marquise

    1. A good bakery, in the vein of Amy’s Bread, or Silver Moon on the UWS. Not an useless, super-caloric niche cupcakery. A place with fresh bread.
    2. A welcoming, non-chain coffee shop. Perhaps with performance space. (Oh, Tea Lounge!)
    3. Bookstore in the vein of Court St. Books–but perhaps a mix between new/used.
    4. Sephora.
    5. Intimate, affordable non-chain restaurants. Anything but sushi. (Which is fast rivaling Cobble Hill’s Court St. Thai overload.)

  • paul

    I can’t believe no one has said fairway yet. FOR SHAME, PEOPLE, FOR SHAME.

  • AEB

    Yes, Paul, right: a reliable, comprehensively stocked high-end market with prime-meat “butcher.” (Although Garden of Eden has a surprisingly decent selection, especially of baking items).

    And Claude, guess I’ve taken all I can. For now.

  • GHB

    Mexican restaurant
    Book store (like Book Court)
    Seafood store
    Housewares (like Tarzian in PS)