Open Thread Wednesday 3/24/10

Flickr photo by bitchcakes

Flickr photo by bitchcakes

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  • francoise

    Looks like spring…? ( like in France)…so ,so pleasant .

  • Matt

    Movers not Shakers quoted me $550 for a 1-bedroom move within Brooklyn Heights (Clark+Henry to Court+Atlantic). I told them it was too much and got them down to $425. Is that reasonable?

  • juliebee

    anybody know why a helicopter was circling over BH for at least an hour around 130am Sunday night into Monday??

  • grr

    Dear bad neighbors at 92 Remsen Street,

    Fix your f***ing sidewalk already!

    What a joke.

  • moo

    juliebee, heard there was a jumper on the bk bridge

  • aliG

    grr, I hear you, sometimes you can’t tell which one it is and step on it by mistake. It’s like a teeter-totter, hours of fun for the whole family. I think I’ll paint a big red “X” on it.

  • Montragrue

    @aliG: Why not paint a nice red “Guder”?

  • Peter

    So I went to the Tutt Cafe on Sunday, and I was pleasantly surprised. I have walked by it 100 times, its always pretty empty. Long story short, my fiance and I wanted to walk on the Promenade, so we grabbed some takeout. Had a delicious lamb, onion and mint mayo wrap in pita that was literally baked from scratch before my eyes. She had a fallafel plate that was really tasty. Anyway, for those who have overlooked this place (like me), its an inexpensive treat on a whim …

  • aliG

    @ Montragrue – I’ll call the Guder and have him get on it. He’s busy spray painting your mailbox at the moment, though.

  • Mickey
  • Mickey
  • Sticky

    Why does everyone blow the light at the corner of Hicks and Middaugh? Last night walking home, car pulls up with 2 men inside. One gets out right after the light and proceed to walk in front of his car. Pulls down his pants and leans against the front with his behind and lets loose. I have seen cabbies do this on Poplar street sometime. But a 19 year old. I wonder how many people drink and drive in the hood.

  • Remsen

    I would imagine that the people who live in 92 Remsen can hear the stone slam up and down…reason why I step on it each morning at 6am…fun! But yes, a little cement underneath would seem to do the trick

  • Matthew Parker

    Michele Obama is on the pier right now next to Bargemusic. She apparently just had lunch at Grimaldis.

    Police and secret service have the area sealed off for 2 blocks around. My guess is she’ll also tour Pier One of BBP.

  • cat

    Aitken Place = dog sh!t capital of the Heights. We walk this block at least twice a day (short cut), and I am constantly zig-zagging my 5 y.o. around the piles of crap on the sidewalk. What is it–because it’s not a highly trafficked block, the dog owners feel they can leave the poop in place? So disgusting.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I was on Pier One when she exited the River Cafe.

    If you had a choice would you go to Grimaldi’s over River Cafe? Nah.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    It’s funny, Matthew is correct about the first lady eating at Grimaldi’s and visiting the ice cream factory on the Pier. It just goes to show, I guess, that she attempts to keep in touch with the average folk. Personally, I would have been eating some River Cafe Oysters for an appetizer with the 6 course chef’s signature tasting menu.

    The Pizza at Grimaldi’s is just ok nothing to write home about. Got to hand it to her.

  • Matthew Parker

    The NYT has a blog entry about the Obamas (she had the kids with her, but not Barak) at Grimaldi’s:

  • Matthew Parker

    Of course, the Bidens were at River Cafe two weeks ago.

  • Joe

    Peter, though I enjoy the food at Tutt Cafe, the wait and service is pretty bad. I’ve eaten there 3 times and walked out once. Everytime I eat there the service is slower than molasses. The last time was the worst and the last straw and we haven’t been back since. There were 4 guys working the kitchen. We were the 2nd couple to sit down and 3rd couple sat down maybe 20 min after us. It took 10 min to get noticed and get water and menu, another 20 min to get them to take our order and then the waiting began. After 10 min pass I ask where our soup and appetizers were, after another 10 min pass with nothing coming out of the kitchen we walked out. We were starving. What I find amazing is that all the food we ordered were food that would have been pre-made like soup, hummus, salad, pita etc I have no idea why they couldn’t get something out faster where there were 4 guys working in the back.

    Though Fatoush isn’t as good, I can be seated and eating under 10 min so Fatoush is my new go-to place.

  • Bartmann

    I ate at Tut Cafe because of a recommendation from an acquaintance. We ordered a variety of items and thought the food was better than it should be (given the slop-shop ambiance and employees). However the food at the Tut Cafe wasn’t good enough for a repeat performance.

  • Billy Reno

    Joe Biden ate at River Cafe because he knows it’s a “big f***ing deal”.

  • Rqw

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the Verizon pole on Cranberry st btwn Henry and Hicks? Its a huge black pole – lamp post?- by Plymouth Church playground. Any clues?