What Stores Do You Want on Montague?

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

Picking up on a suggestion by loyal BHB reader and commenter Nabeguy, in an attempt to get away from kvetching about what’s actually coming, what are your wishes for five establishments you’d like to see go into vacant spots on Montague?

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  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    To get things going, here’s my five:

    1. A bookstore, new or used (preferably both, like the old Community Bookstore).

    2. A bar that has live bluegrass on weekends (i.e. a reincarnation of Capulet’s).

    3. A seafood restaurant that serves finnan haddie and oyster stew.

    4. A mens’ haberdashery that sells stuff that looks like it came from Brooks Brothers at half the price (i.e. a reincarnation of David Rayne).

    5. A place where you can get jockstraps and thermal socks (i.e. a reincarnation of The Cabin).

  • hickster

    bahn mi shop
    ralph’s italian ices
    fish tales fish market or another high end purveyor
    ann taylor (not loft)

  • Berkeley Grosvenor

    1. Video International
    2. Mr. Souvlaki
    3. Montague Wine & Spirits (or even Van Vleck)
    4. Duckpin bowling in the old Sleepy’s space above Montague Starbucks
    5. OTB (it just isn’t the same since it closed)

  • Hungry Wolf

    1. The Pump Energy Food
    3. Tiki-themed restaurant with cliff diving and jungle decoration, fire-juggelers and Polynesian dancing girls
    4. Musical Instrument sales & repair
    5. Curling Club Pub
    6. In-N-Out Burger
    7. Tap Dance studio

  • http://www.shootlikeagirlphotography.com Lauren

    My vote would be for a bookstore or a store that sold local made gifts, art, etc.

  • my2cents

    Bookstore for sure. (I miss Heights books sooo bad.)
    A good antiques store would be nice.
    A Korean Restaurant
    A Bakery (yay Crumbs)
    A few boutiques in the same vein as Haystack and Abitare that have nice things for the home.
    A good bar that served old timey cocktails
    A mini version of the Container Store.

  • my2cents

    I would also like to see a Pinkberry upstairs and a Red Mango downstairs in the same building.

  • FYI

    1) Bed, bath and beyond/Crate and Barrel/Pottery Barn/ANY store that sells half-decent sheets, towels, mirrors, general housewares, etc.
    2) A build-your-own-salad place (like City Market of a few years ago, but *nicer*)
    3) More affordable work-appropriate clothing options, such as Gap, Ann Taylor, or J Crew.
    4) Sephora
    5) A Vietnamese, French, or Caribbean restaurant.

    Bonus choice: Whole Foods!

  • FYI

    Also, a quality butcher and fresh seafood shop would be very nice.

  • bornhere

    Great recommendations. It’s interesting that so many of the suggested shops have come and, regrettably, gone, even if we’re talking about the past 30+ years (does anyone remember the nifty, if tiny, antiques store on Henry in the former Sinclair’s space?).

    1. Fish store
    2. Bakery (more Cammerari’s than Crumbs, but Crumbs is a start)
    3. Bookstore
    4. Butcher

  • Arch Stanton

    1. Bar W/ Pool table.
    3. Produce Market.
    2. Butcher & Fish Market.
    4. New-used Bookstore.
    5. Mens Clothing store.

  • Amanda

    These suggestions are creating a sense of longing that borders on depression. Sephora? J. Crew? Pinkberry? The Container Store and a gourmet fishmonger? I am salivating! (Also noticing that I somehow grew up to be a total yuppie.)

  • Remsen

    1. Sports bar w multiple tvs and pool table
    2. Wine bar – upscale
    3. Dive bar with backyard seating
    4. Seafood store
    5. Crate & Barrel

  • AEB

    1. House of the Rising Sun
    2. Sun Ra
    3. When Sunny Gets Blue
    4. Sun in the Morning, Moon at Night
    5. H & H Bagels!

  • AEB

    PS, I second Claude’s emotion, and hope that should his No. 5 request come true, said emporium would also carry trusses and, above all, pessaries…..

  • Billy Reno

    1. Sam’s Club
    2. Small Apple Store (Nano version)
    3. Gorilla Coffee
    4. Designer Medical Marijuana Boutique
    5. Some form of bar with live music nightly
    6. Some form of lesbian bar with live music nightly
    7. Moxie North

  • lsh

    Pan and quotidian restaurant
    fish store
    good bagels or bakery

  • http://petsinthesun.com peteypants

    I’d love a pet store where you can get unusual toys and food that isn’t found in supermarkets.

  • Stacey

    Things I actually spend quite a bit of money on (either online or out of Brooklyn):
    1. Older kids clothes (my kids 4,8 have outgrown Area Kids for the most part)
    2. Home decor (Abitare was terrific but a little pricey – I used it more for gifts for the most part)
    3. J Crew – I know, a chain, but it has mens, womens and kids, good for work and play
    4. Crumbs (yay) but Magnolia or Buttercup would be even better!
    5. Murray’s Cheese, Stinky Brooklyn or the equivalent (I’m not a fan of Garden of Eden)

  • http://www.dishonestapparel.com Tarek

    As everyone has grown into themselves and deserves their right to stand behind their suggestions, I would love to express my feeling that part of Brooklyn and what makes Brooklyn special is a bit lost in this area of the Heights. A new Ann Taylor, PinkBerry, etc. turns Montague even more into a midtown 5th avenue experience and not the cultured, community based Brooklyn still found down on Smith or Court street in CG. Old theater, dozens of private coffee shops, Italian bakeries, Brownstone Treasures, Privately owned clothing and craft stores…etc.

    I know you’re thinking “move to CG then!” but it’s the different feeling of history and beauty that surrounds BH that is so attractive. I’d like to couple that with the aforementioned commercial features…

    Personally, I’d love to have:

    1.) Any restaurant by owners of Frankie’s (currently on Court & Clinton in NYC) (and more than just one)
    2.) Book Store has been a wonderful duplicative suggestion
    3.) Non-traditional place for coffee and gourmet eats (a la Iris Cafe on Columbus, Le Petit on Court)
    4.) IKEA
    5.) Kidding with number 4, (take the time to picture an Ikea on Montague)
    4. for real) Hookah Pad with gourmet Teas
    5.) A Pub wouldn’t be a bad fit.

    Extra: Harney & Son’s Tea Company is a pretty wonderful establishment

  • George Earl

    How about a reasonably-priced grocer who sells fresh-off-the-American-farm fruit and veggies? Not the current loads of apples and such that can be squeezed as easily as old unwashed socks!

  • heightsss

    1. korean food
    2. mexican food (GOOD mexican food)
    3. vietnamese restaurant
    4. pub
    5. H&H bagels

  • my2cents

    Tarek, the Pinkberry was a joke…

  • Monty

    I’m confused. Isn’t there already an Ann Taylor on Montague St? I am a proud yuppie and have no problem with chain stores that fit the neighborhood. Places like Chipotle and Starbucks are good additions. I shop at BR and would love to have the Gap back. A Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond would be great to have nearby, but I doubt Montague could contain them. Maybe a CB2 could squeeze in though. Good Mexican and Korean food would be awesome. I’d also love to see a branch of Blue Ribbon and a bakery that has more than just cupcakes. Blue Ribbon Bakery would solve both of those :p

  • tb

    5 good restaurants. Thats it. Perhaps some with atmosphere, others with good food.. or.. dare I say.. both???

  • matt

    I love it when yuppies dream out loud like this! It give me great hope for the future of our fair nation!

  • Marianne

    What I would like to see on Montague Street in the future:
    1. A soup/sandwich/salad shop, i.e., Panera Bread, Hale & Hearty;
    2. A much needed yarn/craft store;
    3. A fish store
    4. A restaurant serving your basic all-American foods; steak, fish, grilled foods;
    5. A bakery (other than a cupcake place)
    Will I get my wish? Probably not. The realtors will buy up the spaces and put in yet another eye glass place, Japanese restaurant and another high-priced clothing store!

  • http://selfabsorbedbommer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    AEB: Let’s not forget French letters.

  • Linda

    1- Fish Market/Restaurant
    2-Old School Bakery
    3-Boutique selling home goods such as tableware, items for bed and bath. No chain or big box store please.
    4- Yes! Bring back Mr. Souvlaki
    5-Piano Bar or other type of low key night life bar.

  • aliG

    1 – Bliss Spa
    2- Laduree, or a French coffee shop/patisserie (I know I’m dreaming)
    3 – Mariage Freres – tea shop
    4 – French bistro like Balthazar w/ fresh baked breads and a great brunch
    5 – KFC, kidding! J Crew