Crumbs Bakery Opening on Montague?

BHB Headquarters just received this tip:

My son has just reported that in the old Heights Books space, the cupcake bakery “Crumbs” is opening! I say YES!!

We are assuming this is the “Crumbs” Bakery chain that originated in NYC some years ago. Their Store Locations page doesn’t yet list a Montague Street address yet. Can anyone confirm?

Update (by Claude Scales):

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

It’s confirmed.

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  • HeightsDiva

    Crumbs cupcakes are amazing and way better than Magnolias IMO. Though at 500 calories a cupcake you’ll be a fatty if you eat them to often :P

  • Andrew

    Hey HeightDiva, you’re right. My gf and I are trying to eat healthy, but we agreed, that we have to support the place. We’ll just have to share cupcakes in the future – I think 250 calories is definitely worth a nice Red Velvet :) :) :)

  • George Earl

    Ever seen what this “bun chain” charges for a single bite-size goodie? Nothing’s on sale in these stores for under $2.50 per cupcake. And, come on friends, isn’t the Heights loaded, loaded with pudgy folks? Here’s one skinny reader who’ll go by that store, admire its arrangement of colors and textures, but never buy. That is, of course, unless they do a “2-for-1″ weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Crumbs cupcakes are the best I have ever tasted. It’s pricey and loaded with calories (around 750 I think), but it’s literally the best desert I’ve ever eaten.

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    We get their cupcakes for office parties, and I think they’re great. I particulalry dig the red velvet and the chocolate with mocha frosting. And yes, they are high in calories, which is why they also make mini versions.

  • John Doe


    I’ve had a number of cupcakes from Crumbs over the last few years and I have to say, they’re some of the most mediocre in the city. Sugar Sweet Sunshine or Buttercup are light years better.

    FYI, Crumbs doesn’t even make their own cupcakes. They buy them from some massive bakery in Queens who bakes for hundreds of bakeries and bodegas all over the city. It’s basically the same product as the giant blueberry muffins you see shrink wrapped at the register at your corner deli.

    Again… blech. SOOOOO much worse than the bookstore that used to be there.

  • DAB


  • Peter

    Only the loyal collection of whiners on this blog would find a problem with Crumbs opening on Montague Street. Crumbs is VERY good, and quite addicting, and would make a tremendous addition to an otherwise sorry strip of real estate.

  • Monty

    @John Doe, to lend credence to your point, the cupcakes pictures on Crumbs’ website have been for sale at both Tazza locations for years.

  • Billy Reno

    Montague is Salieri to Smith Street’s Mozart.

  • ABC

    I’m with John. These comments make me wonder about life in your homes. Is it non-stop complaining 24/7? Do your friends say, “So what do you make of this health care business?” and then turn off their hearing aids as you prattle on and on?

    I’m sure the dreaded neighborhood kids will approve.

  • pankymom

    … soon we’ll complain that all those damn daffodils are making us sneeze. AND nobody is even making any money off them. [Or ARE they???]

  • youpeoplearesick

    these comments make me want to leave brooklyn heights. honestly, reading this comments makes me disgusted to live among such snobby, ignorant, uppity, self righteous people who can’t even be happy that an empty storefront is being filled and people are going to be employed here.

    at the end of my current lease, i’m leaving. i’ve been thinking for a while now that people in BH are the WORST people i’ve ever encountered and this thread has sealed the deal. see ya losers. enjoy all your whiny old people stores!

  • JJ

    why am I the only one excited about this development?
    Between the park and healthcare bill, and cupcakes I feel like today is a win all around. Enough belly-aching you old farts. Cupcakes are good for the soul

  • Monty

    I think I speak for all of the whiners when I say that even if I never set foot inside, I will be glad if there is a successful business on Montague St that has a bright, shiny awning and shovels their snow in the winter.

  • heights mom

    OK but we already have two coffee/pastry shops on that block (CT Muffin and Starbucks) plus Lassen and Hennigs where you can guy coffee and pastries to go. We really do NOT need another bakery on that block of Montague. We need a good pub style restaurant, or other kind of restaurant that is not Italian/Asian, or we need a wine bar or other kind of place you can go for drinks and something small to eat. Or, we need a butcher. Just not another store that sells muffins and cupcakes, no matter how good they are.

  • Peter

    Crumbs > CT Muffin and Starbucks. That is like being upset about Peter Luger opening up because there is an Outback Steakhouse nearby.

  • ABC

    to point out the obvious: we have a pub, a wine bar, and a butcher.

  • xochi

    tazza stopped carrying crumbs cupcakes over a year ago, when crumbs went “corporate”

  • Jess

    Wow, what a bunch of haters. Nobody’s twisting your arm to patronize it, just walk on by if you don’t like cupcakes (and are apparently soulless).

  • othersideofthebridge

    Tazza could use a little “corporate” influence. I got a chai tea there for $5 and it was 49.75% water, 49.75% milk and .5% chai. It should have came with a condom for the raping I got with that order. It also took the employees 10 minute to even acknowledge I was present and I was the only person in line.

  • jorale-man

    I still say that Crumbs is making the best of a tough situation. Rents are too high for any non-chain business on Montague. So it’s either a chain that has some personality and charm to it (i.e. Crumbs) or another bank branch, nail salon, real estate company, etc.

    The best thing Crumbs could do is offer sidewalk seating and turn it into a neighborhood gathering spot. With more outdoor restaurants, Montague could morph into an area where people linger and hang out, rather than just do their errands.

  • milton

    I like Montague Street. I could not get by without it. It is out Main Street and I think it is just fine. I love the idea of a new bakery. I hope they have good cookies. I love a fresh baked cookie.

  • Nancy

    Connecticut Muffin-Ick. I remember when Sinclair’s Bakery was on Henry Street just off Montague. I saw them delivering their cakes and breads uncovered in the trunk of a car. Never went back. Some people will never be satisfied with anything,

  • xochi

    I’m with Nancy, it seems that people here are never satisfied with anything. Othersideofthebridge, Tazza’s chai is my drink of choice and I pay $3.75, oregon chai, yummy, although the experience doesn’t sound very good. Did you ask to speak with management? If we don’t want corporate chains coming in we need to inform our local mom and pop operators that we have bad experiences and we would support them should our voices be heard? As opposed to blowing off steam here and sending ill will out? Just a thought.