Crumbs Bakery Opening on Montague?

BHB Headquarters just received this tip:

My son has just reported that in the old Heights Books space, the cupcake bakery “Crumbs” is opening! I say YES!!

We are assuming this is the “Crumbs” Bakery chain that originated in NYC some years ago. Their Store Locations page doesn’t yet list a Montague Street address yet. Can anyone confirm?

Update (by Claude Scales):

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

It’s confirmed.

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  • bhmom3

    So can you ask the tipster how their son knows this?

  • bhmom3

    Ok never mind, just saw the photo. Is that a good place?

  • Matthew

    Yay! ANOTHER mediocre franchise for Montague! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Hopefully Burger King comes back next, as that was a tad more nutritious. I only want to shop at chain stores!

  • AEB

    Me, too! And only those of proven mediocrity!

  • jorale-man

    I see it as a very good development for Montague. Yes, it’s a small chain but it gets consistently good reviews from foodie web sites and – consider what it’s not: it’s not another real estate company, bank branch, drug store, etc. Considering what the alternatives might be, a small bakery isn’t such a bad thing.

  • Adam

    jorale-man speaks the truth. Matthew and AEB are nitwits. crumbs is nothing like burger king and other huge multi-national corporate food chains. it’s like saying legal seafoods is mediocre because they’re a chain.

  • bhmom3

    I just heard from a bunch of moms that Crumbs actually is very mediocre. But yes, it’s not a nail salon or bank, so that’s good.

  • Matthew

    Crumbs is just McDonalds for the rich, white set.

  • wow


    dogs, bikes, strollers, cupcakes. you guys will really complain about anything, huh.

    what about old, white guys who will nag and nag and nag about any little thing? can I get them to shut up and stay out of the park?

  • bkln

    u guys dont know what u r talking about…
    CRUMBS will lead the montague street revival. its about time we had something other than lassens and hts cafe that had some flavor. if u think crumbs and burger king are the same thing, u know nothing about food. dunkin donuts would be the burger king of the dessert chain world. crumbs is the starbucks of dessert chains. overpriced and delicious. if they can just make sure they hire friendly staff, they will be golden.

  • AEB

    Well, Adam, tell ya what I’m gonna do: I’ll hold my tongue (no small feat: it’s slippery) until I ACTUALLY sample the goods at Crumbs.

    I promise not to dish–sorry for the dining figures of speech, but…–ANY chain store that opens anywhere on the planet (or any planet, for that matter) if and until Crumbs fails the taste-test.

    How’s that? Only thing is, you have to stop indulging in name calling/ad hominum arguments forever. Deal?

  • nabeguy

    Hear you bklyn. Any thing new on Montague is a positive sign. I’ve seen whole commercial blocks go dark from mediocrity, so it’s encouraging to see a business with an established formula willing to stake a claim in our neighborhood. To the pre-emmptive detractors, enough with the pre-opening post-mortems. Support, don’t suppose.

  • Nancy

    Coincidentally I went to Crumbs for the first time this past wekend at their Union Square location. Very helpful staff and delicious cupcakes. The store is tiny, but cupcakes don’t take much space. According to the web, the owners of Magnolia’s split up and one of them created Crumbs, with the original recipe. I think Magnolia’s are too greasy; these cupcakes were nice and cakey with lotsa icing. If it can’t be a Mexican restaurant, than dessert suits just fine

  • nabeguy

    Thanks for that back-story, Nancy. An offshoot of Magnolia called Crumbs? I love it.

  • Nancy

    Go for the devils food-it’s really gooey and delicious

  • my2cents

    I for one am excited.

  • bkln

    People…Magnolia is completely different animal than Crumbs. Wait til you taste the Artie Lange and the Bababooey. Have u checked out the menu?!

  • C.

    Sweet. A bakery. Yet another thing on Montague I will never use.

  • lrb

    Just sampled Crumbs cupcakes for the first time at an UES outpost and was really disappointed based on their reputation… really interesting cupcake options, but cake was dry and lacked flavor, icing was off the charts sweet and there was way too much of it.

  • George Earl

    Fabulous! Now I can get out my fancy Saturday night outfits, line up with god knows how many other dudes and empty my coin-filled pockets to find tummy-filling goodies! Ah, even in times of war, there’s reason to thank God! Get those buns of yours a’ baking! It sure beats the recent trend on Montague. And that is posting signs outside reading “Store For Rent.”

  • jorale-man

    Well said, George Earl. A nice break from all the grousing that goes on here!

  • Joe

    I hope it succeeds since it adds some texture to Montague street and the neighborhood but when I had their cupcake in Manhattan I was disappointed in the taste. I much rather have Baked goods in Red Hook which tend to be not too sweet and they also serve Sumpton coffee but its a schelp to get there. I’ll give Crumb another shot just in case this one in BH is better.

  • nabeguy

    Maybe we should just forward these posts to the Crumbs owners and tell them to forget about it since it seems we prefer empty storefronts. Homer, I think it’s time to crank up a “5 Stores That I’d Like To See On Montague Street” thread.

  • can’t wait to see 99 cents stores pop up on Montague because no one else would rent here

  • bornhere

    I think Crumbs could be a winner — good for office workers’ parties, good for those who are running out of untapped options at Lassen and Hennigs, and good for the random cupcake/cake needs. It’s not a bank, a phone store, etc., and it’s way better than the sad look that storefront now wears. And `, one of the incarnations of the current Banana Republic was a 99 cents store.

  • David on Middagh

    @`: I wouldn’t mind a 99-cent store…

  • nabeguy

    Sure, a 99-cent store would be great…if it could sell 600 items a day just to cover the rent. Factor in wages, insurance, BID taxes, inventory and it probably doubles. That’s a lot of crap out the door. As bornhere points, it’s a question that’s been asked and answered.

  • AEB

    In the pat-my-head-and-rub-my-stomach-at-the-same-time mode, I think some posters–well, I–feel that yes, of course, it’s better to have a rented store-space ANYWHERE in BH than a vacant one, but…

    …still wish for something other than a chain operation in those spaces. I realize that Montague is probably a lost cause in this regard as, because of its situation, it must appeal, and is designated to appeal, so to speak, to the broadest population.

    On the other–third?–hand, I would say that Cumbs is probably a better bet, in terms of quality, than othr operations, and certainly better than existing stores offering baked goods on Montague, which I won’t name lest I be deluded with incredulous attacks from those who “just love” said places. Here we arrive in the very murky area of taste.

  • AEB

    …that should be “deluged,” above. Oh, that ol’ devil unconscious….

  • Nabe Girl

    I have had Crumbs many, many times and this is a terrific addition to the totally dismal options on Montague Street. They have a great product and a great looking facade. This is not burger king. This is a locally owned business that has done very well (because they have a great product) and have expanded. We are lucky to get this!