Community Supported Agriculture Comes to Brooklyn Heights

A brand new community service agriculture program is springing up in Brooklyn Heights this summer. Beginning in June, the Brooklyn Bridge CSA will allow community members to join in a brand-new CSA.

In short, a CSA works by having all members pay a farmer upfront for a season’s worth of his produce, which will be distributed Tuesday evenings from June to November at Congregation Mt. Sinai at 250 Cadman Plaza West. Participation in the CSA will also require two-hour volunteer shifts to distribute food or work on other administrative tasks.

There will be a meeting tonight at Congregation Mt. Sinai at 7:30 p.m. for those interested in meeting the Farmer Fred from Long Island’s Sang Lee Farms, the partner for the Brooklyn Bridge CSA.

Among the sponsors of the CSA will be the AJWS (American Jewish World Service)-AVODAH partnership and Hazon, two Jewish organizations that support CSAs and will provide other community service opportunities as well as access to information about domestic and international food issues.

For more information, check out the organization’s website.

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  • Nancy

    This is a great idea. I’ve been jealous of the other neighborhoods which have this service. Look forward to supporting it.

  • ABC

    Nancy, we’ve had the Sweet Pea CSA here for several year. Pick up at the Unitarian Church on Pierrepont. I think the shares sold out already this year, but google and check. Or try this new one!

  • Montragrue

    Sweet Pea CSA’s enrollment is closed for 2010. More info on CSAs can be found here:

  • AEB

    Excellent! Will support!

  • xochi

    i belonged to fred’s csa last season, picking up in dumbo. i am very familiar with sang lee’s offerings and i must tell you his farm stand and his csa offerings are very different. which one wouldn’t think, since the csa is paying up front for the season – you would think members would get the best of the best, but many times i went to the farmstand and saw beautiful tomatoes and the like but….. if you want the same (4) heads of lettuce, kohlrabi, scallions, chinese cabbage EVERY WEEK then this is the csa for you. we didn’t see a tomato until the end of july….peas….the end of june.

    i’ve cancelled my csa and will stick with the farmer’s market.

  • foodie


    The last thing you’d think is that people who pay upfront will get better produce. You’ve ALREADY PAID. They don’t need to win your business.

  • xochi


    Agreed, it was a frustrating experience and a lesson learned. Going into it one can’t help but feel that you’re doing a service in supporting the csa’s.