Open Thread Wednesday 3/10/10

Flickr photo by luminerefl

Flickr photo by luminerefl

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  • AEB

    I must say a word about Homer’s Walking Tour, whose debut I attended last Saturday. It was fantabulous. Among other things, I learned:

    that BH was the home to many lurid murders of the kind that involve gas left on, chloroform-soaked rags, and even–in one case–bug spray;

    that Arthur Miller lived in every building in the Heights–or so it seemed;

    that turkish baths were the internet cafes of their day here;

    that Henry Ward Beecher had a groupie–well, was the victim of a nineteenth-century psychological stalker who claimed that the Good Man had dallied with her, then recanted, then un-recanted, then recanted again…..

    A beautiful day, a terrific time with many pleasures, not the least if which was experiencing the many personae Homer assumed, Mel Blanc-like, to more richly narrate the walk.

  • Jane

    Does anyone know what retail business may be opening on the ground level of the new development on atlantic/boerum place? I hear they are opening a new chain store somewhere along atlantic?

  • chris

    I watched a mugging last night at approximately 5.15 pm on the R subway platform at Court Street. It was an i-phone/pod grab and run. What’s so frustrating is that the perps were the same age (20 something) as the victim and when 4 people are running fast down the platform, it’s hard to know exactly what is happening. Basically one guy grabbed the i-pod/phone while his 2 accomplices are there to be menacing and make sure no one gets in his way as he hightails it out of there. The guy ( victim) wasn’t hurt, but it sucks that they all ran past me and I couldn’t figure out 1) are they joking around and are they friends or 2) is this a crime in progress.
    I could have easily tripped one of them and in retrospect I wish that I had. It’s an innocent enough way to get involved by “accidentally” tripping someone. Also , if you are the victim, it’s important to choose your words wisely, which means being prepared. It’s not so useful to yell “Stop that guy” or “That guy stole my *blank*”. Instead perhaps think about “Call 911″ or try to identify the perp with “The guy in the red shirt took my *blank*. So stay safe neighbors and be alert. It’s sad but it’s life today in the big city.

  • ABC

    Cadman Plaza FAIL.

    I’m shocked that it’s all coming up after just two (?) years of snow. I wonder if they’ll have to replace it. You think the city got a warranty?

  • Monty

    NY Times review of the city’s best coffee here:

    Honorable mentions to Cafe Iris as well as Pedlar, Prime Meats and a bunch of places in Williamsburg. Am I the only one who thinks that Iris’ coffee is actually terrible? I know it’s Stumptown bean and all, but every cup I’ve had from them (coffee, espresso, latte) was sour and bitter.

  • Peter

    I officialy miss Hecho en Dumbo. Any recommendations for good Mexican food in the area? Pacifico was ok I guess, but nothing else that I have tried has “wowed” me. Just took a business trip to LA, and realized how much better their Mexican food is (obviously) … help!

  • Montragrue

    @Peter: Alma (especially for brunch). Oaxaca and Calexico for tacos and such. In the near future, 5 Burro where Pit Stop has been for more tex-mex fare.

  • Peter

    Thanks Montagrue … what is the atmosphere like at each place? Good vibes, or more of takeout places?

  • laurie

    I’ve just taken up running. Well, more like jogging at this stage, but I digress. I’m doing the Couch-to-5K program. I HATE the treadmill. It’s boring and as the weather warms I really want to be outside. But I don’t like running on the street as it kills my knees. Wondering if anyone knows of a real outdoor running track – perhaps a school track (for use when school is not in session), in Brooklyn Heights or Cobble Hill?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Yes. Run around Cadman Plaza Park. It is rubberized and soft on the knees.

    As far as ambiance at a Mexican Restaurant, Alma cannot be beat on a summer evening or brunch. See first segment on attached video. Video is not great but you get the idea.

    NY Times has also mentioned that the Brooklyn Bridge park is finally under New York City control. This hopefully means that, at minimum, Pier 2 will be completed.

  • Hicks St guy

    laurie, it’s a pain in the ass, but take the train to Grand Army Plaza, run the long 3.3 mile loop in Prospect Park: the best running in NYC.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    * Mar. 13 Sat. 10:30am GREENLIGHT BOOKS presents picture book authors and illustrators Melanie Hope Greenberg and Miriam Cohen (“Down in the Subway”)
    LOCATION: 686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 INFO: 718.246.0200

    * Mar. 14 Sun. 11am – Noon BOOKCOURT presents a panel discussion featuring Melanie Hope Greenberg and 5 others picture book authors and illustrators. Reading, Drawing, Q&A, and book signing.
    LOCATION: 163 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 INFO: 718.875.3677

    * Those on the author- illustrator panel still have their original art on exhibition at SUPERFINE until March 14. LOCATION: 126 Front St. (DUMBO) Brooklyn NY 11201 718.243.9005

    Click on my name for Our Full Schedule of Bookstore Events at Greenlight Books, P.S.Books and Book Court. Hope you can attend one or more events. ALL FREE!!!!

  • Peter

    Thanks Karl, I appreciate the video, great stuff! I will certainly make Alma my next stop

  • AEB

    Chris, I too was recently forcibly separated from my iPod, but the job was so slick, I never saw it happen.

    Took place in the High St. station. I was exiting through the turnstile, listening to the iPod, when all of a sudden I felt a yank and the music stopped…and the iPod was gone.

    I searched everywhere in the station for it, but it had evaporated. So someone must have reached into my pocket, where the iPod was and just grabbed it. Astounding!

  • laurie

    Karl – thanks. I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me before! Not a bad idea at all.
    Hick St Guy – I know myself well enough to know that the less convenient the location, the less motivated I will be to go. I agree that’s a nice run, though. I’ve certainly walked it plenty of times :)

    I can’t believe there’s no real running track around here though! There’s something kind of soothing to me about counting real laps.

  • bob

    Did anyone else spot Ex-Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor walking down Henry Street (near the corner of Cranberry Street)? She was wearing what looked like sweats or a jogging outfit. I did a triple-take, and I am pretty certain it was her. Wonder what’s she doing in the Heights?

  • aliG

    There should be an App for that.. Would love it if the phone could recognize finger prints and the device would start screaming bloody murder if an unrecognized hand touches it.

  • Lauren

    Does everyone know that there is a 1/2 price TKS booth located In 1 MetroTech Center at the corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue Promenade.

    It is so nice to have a booth so close to the heights and there is never a line. I just don’t want them to close this location due to lack of business. So please go there if you want to see a bway show. If you sign up on their webpage they will email you what plays are available for that day too. Also you can buy matinees the day before at this location.

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks AEB for the tour compliment, it was great having you on the maiden voyage!

    Now allow me to plug the next tour on 3/27 at noon. Tickets available now plus each person gets a free Brooklyn Bugle t-shirt!

  • AEB

    My pleasure, Homer.

  • Tim N.

    Hello, all… I just read (as mentioned above) that a deal has been struck to finance the building of the BB Park. The quote (from is “local lawmakers will have controls over new housing built around the park…” Which means what, exactly? Condos (and developer controls, supermarkets, etc.) or no?


  • AAR

    Regarding Alma – It is the best, but those who have not been — beware — it is a long steep climb up the the restaurant level and another long steep climb to the wonderful roof dining. A challenge for those who have bad knees or new knees….

  • Laura Mardiks

    Check out Brooklyn Heights author Melissa Milgrom’s book review in today’s Times!

  • fishermb

    Looking on craigslist, everywhere else in the world, but figure I may as well ask here too!

    My lease up at the end of April on our Clark Street 1-bedroom apt, so GF & I plus 6-lb dog need a new place to live. We haven’t been thrilled with management\landlord\doormen\anything, so we’re looking to move but want to stay in the Heights. Does anyone know of anything that may be opening up end of April\May 1st?

    Our only real requirement is that small dogs be allowed, and we’d like to keep rent in the $1500 vicinity. If possible, would prefer a flexible lease (3-6 month commitment plus month-to-month option following).

    I can be reached off-board fishermb @ gmail . com. Thank you!

  • nabeguy

    I know that the situation in Haiti may have faded from our focus, but I wanted to supply a link to the Portlight organization that T.K. Small first mentioned and that I donated to. Their mission is geared towards aiding the disabled, a population that unfortunately has grown due to the devastating earthquake. Please give it a look.

  • Joe

    I dislike Alma though the view can’t be beat. The food is so mediocre.

    Jane, I heard a rumor the chain coming in on Atlantic and Boreum Place is crate and barrel but who knows for sure.

  • Jane

    Thanks Joe! If they open that up, I seriously will never need to leave the neighborhood!

    And FYI…just ate at Alma for the first time, and loved it. Nothing beats the atmosphere and having a margarita while staring at the Manhattan skyline :)

  • nabeguy

    Crate and Barrel on Atlantic? Hmmmm. What’s the next logical McDonalds/Burger King evolution to that scenario? Pottery Barn? Bed, Bath & Beyond? Gracious Home?
    Jane, that sounds like a scenario that you might appreciate. Throw in a
    BF Wang’s and you might as well burn your Metro card, because there’d be
    no reason to cross the river. But to me, that ain’t what Brooklyn’s about.
    That’s where I have to throw down the bridge-n-tunnel gauntlet and demand that the big mega-chains allow the little mom-n-pop links to remain in business.

  • ABC

    I miss the Burger King on Montague!

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve noticed students from the St. George (well, at least one I could identify) taking those “Danger: Rat Poison” signs posted on the Promenade, probably to stick them up in their rooms. I caught one in the act, and asked him if he’d like this kids or his dogs to accidentally ingest rat poison. He put the sign back.

    But all the signs posted recently are now gone.

    Peter, LA has thousands of immigrants every year, most from Mexico. We have the same number, but from more than a hundred different countries. There are lots of good Mexican restaurants, just not in high-priced neighborhoods like the Heights. I’d advise you to ask a well-fed Mexican, or just see that Anthony Bourdain show about good Mexican food in Brooklyn.