BHA’s Virtual Tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park

At last month’s BHA annual meeting, architect Michael Van Valkenburgh took attendees on a “virtual” tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The BHA’s snazzy new website has the full tour posted now.

The Michael Van Valkenburgh is a principal of the design firm bearing his name, which has been involved in designing Brooklyn Bridge Park for 12 years. Valkenburgh was the featured speaker at the Brooklyn Heights Association’s Annual Meeting on Feb. 23, 2010. In his presentation, Van Valkenburgh describes the design of a park as “the most extraordinary manifestation of a group of people collectively trying to shape the world they live in.” He then establishes the context for Brooklyn Bridge Park, reviewing how “incredibly dynamic and transitory the water edge of Brooklyn has been for hundreds of years.”

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Fantastic recap. I never really appreciated all the thought that goes into building an outdoor space for recreation. Very impressive. Congrats to the BHA for videotaping the event and your beautiful new site. It’s nice that all of us can get access to this wonderful information. Homer Fink, kudos to you for showcasing it for all of us to see and finally, Claude, thanks for keeping us updated to this grand finale.

    Brooklyn Heights is an incredible place to live and I can’t wait for Spring to begin so I can hang out in this beautiful state of art outdoor space.

  • Matthew Parker

    NYT is reporting that the City take over of BBP is official: