So Long, Farewell: Abitare


Brownstoner reports that home decor and tchotke store Abitare [309 Henry Street] is going out of business.   Did you ever buy anything there?  What do you think this latest closing and that of Nova Zembla on Atlantic mean?

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  • Norman E-Mailer

    What do you think this lastest closing and that of Nova Zembla on Atlantic mean?

    Don’t know about the latest closure, what NZ’s exit strongly suggests there is no longer much of a desire for insanely overpriced furniture.

  • roky


    Don’t know about that one. NZ’s prices really aren’t anything bad. Compared to other stores for the same types of items, they are if anything on the cheap end. I’m not sure their materials and construction are the best (maybe accounting for the low prices).

    The guy has said he’s quitting it for personal reasons. So may not be part of the downturn at all.

  • paul

    I have never bought anything from NZ, but their prices always struck me as very reasonable, bordering on cheap, for their solid wood furniture.

  • Claude Scales

    I’ve corrected “lastest”. Homer’s posting from his iPhone is giving this copy editor ulcers.

  • itsme

    Another vote for the NZ-is-overpriced camp. The stuff always looked like dorm-room furniture to me. Have walked in about a half dozen times, and out again without buying a thing.

  • hicks res

    Nova Zembla was over priced. The woman who ran Abitare was very nice. My girlfriend bought some cards there and some other little gifts. Nice store, just not the greatest location.

  • my2cents

    Abitare was one of the only stores in the Heights with any taste in the curation of its offerings. Sad to see them go. I bought a few things there from time to time.

  • jorale-man

    It’s sad to see stores with personality fall by the wayside while real estate offices and chain drug stores still seem to thrive in the area. These were especially nice as companion storefronts to Tazza. I hope the landlord sees fit to fill them soon.

  • Billy Reno

    First to say let’s put an ATM/Thai/Frozen Yogurt place there!

  • ekaj

    Sid’s, est.l932 – Gone- out of business.

  • nabeguy

    Can anyone confirm if Sid’s actually went out of business or is just moving?

  • nabeguy

    Just googled it, and it seems that Sid’s is moving to Hamilton Avenue and 4th Street. Hope they keep Sonny on.

  • my2cents

    Maybe the handjob parlor next door will expand into that space? I am sure their business has more than quadrupled since they got all that free advertising last year.

  • punny

    @my2rcents-business may be booming, but don’t forget about the five finger discount!

  • King Lou

    Atlantic Avenue sucks for businesses. Hardly any foot traffic past Clinton and the businesses are weird or closed.

  • paul

    sid’s the hardware store in downtown bklyn!?!? if so, this is the worst news ever.

  • sue

    i miss the warlock store…