Buh Bye: Mezcal

This tip just in from “Will”:

So sad but thought I’d pass it along– long time Atlantic Avenue mexican place Mezcal’s (between henry and clinton, next to pete’s) is gone!  I remember going there when I was a kid for nachos, it must have been in that spot for at least 20 years!

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  • Eason

    no more sitting under the Banditos? =/

  • GHB

    That sucks!

  • Arch Stanton

    No big loss as far as I’m concerned…. I never thought the food was all that good…
    One time I was in there and asked the waitron for some hot sauce, he brought me Tabasco sauce, I asked him if he had any Mexican hot sauce, he said no, that was all they Had…. What a gyp

  • nabeguy

    Haven’t been in there for forever, but my wife and I always loved their huevos rancheros for brunch.

  • William Spier

    I agree with Arch, the food was not very good. I think that Mexican cuisine is dynamic and each region can offer up super dining. Unfortunately, not around here. If we only had a Los Almandros like one in Merida or Cancun (near the bull ring)….

  • x

    how is that mexican restaurant on Court Street (across the street from Trader Joe’s)?

  • willow street

    haven’t eaten there since a bad run-in with some angry refried beans. not sad to see it go, but the husband might be!

  • DR*J

    About time, maybe we can get something decent into that space. Taco Bell would be a vast improvement.

  • anon

    across from trader joes… terrible

  • WillowtownCop

    I’m from California and consider myself an expert on Mexican food. This was one of the worst Mexican restaurants I’ve ever tried.

    The best Mexican I’ve had in New York is from the taco truck at the Roosevelt Ave train station. It’s worth the trip to Queens.

  • Reggie

    I agree the food wasn’t very good, but some people loved it. It was family-friendly for one. And there are lots of people who derive all sorts of pleasures from restaurants for reasons other than the cuisine.

  • Dave

    I dunno… I loved the chicken chimichangas…

  • heights mom

    We always liked it, although the service was very hit or miss. Sometimes very accomodating, other times completely absent.

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com Doug Biviano

    I noticed the other day and started counting empty storefronts. There were about six just in the one block stretch on one side Mezcal was on. Sad. When you look at cost structure for mom and pops — or any business really — it should be obvious that a single payer “Medicare for All” healthcare system (on federal or state level) would make small businesses more viable, especially in a bad economy. But you won’t see any local politicians advocating for it…

    The brighter side is that there is a new place on Smith — Oaxaca — that is authentic and delicious:


    It’s not really a sit down restaurant. However, there’s nice a lunch counter and the mexican food is the best I’ve had in Brooklyn.

    For dine in atmosphere and Mexican by a roaring fire, nothing can beat Pacifico on Pacific by Smith. Feels like you are lost deep in the heart of Mexico. Their Key Lime pie is of the creamy variety that brings my wife and I back to our travels in the Florida Keys to a place off of Boot Key Harbor in Marathon. Hands down one of the best KLPs around. Sometimes we’ll go there just for the KLP and coffee, though we’re not sure that the wait staff appreciates it…

  • http://www.valeriefrankel.com val

    No loss. My daughter was once served a plate of fat covered in cheese. When we showed the walnut size chunk of gristle to the waitress, she just shrugged. We never went back.
    Meanwhile, right next door, Pizzetta is apparently under new management.

  • lifer

    I had been going there since it opened. It wasn’t gourmet, but certainly did the trick. What I do remember about the place is that when I would visit while I was away at college, thats where me and my mother would go. When I was engaged, we would eat there once a week. They were open xmas day ALWAYS. I remember one xmas day me and my fiancee asked if we could buy a bottle of Jack since all the stores were closed, the manager came out and said it was illegal, but he would “lend” me a bottle as long as I brought one back. I remember going there with my father when would visit. I remember bringing relatives there when we were visiting my mother at LICH when she fell ill. I remember eating there in her memory with close friends and family when she passed. I considered myself friends with the people who worked there, they knew me by name and vice versa.It was family run, which is rare these days. A restaurant doesn’t have to have amazing food to mean something to someone. There are very few places (especially in the heights) that were open as long as this one. I for one will miss it.

    They had a tequila called el Escorpion that had a scorpion in it instead of a worm, it was pretty great.
    On the other hand, the one on Court st is disappointing.

    Oaxaca is great, and I am wondering how the Mexican place next to Faan is now that it switched owners. Also, the Mexican grocery on Hoyt st between Atlantic and State have great hot food to order.

  • Billy Reno

    Dang it! I only went to Mezcal’s because Chipotle doesn’t serve margaritas!

  • AAR

    I will miss Mezcal’s. Although it wasn’t great food, my family thought it was decent and very much like the simple Mexican food that I grew up with in Southern California. Alma on Columbia Street (Red Hook or West Carroll Gardens, depending on your perspective) is in a different league, but is well worth the trip South. Lifer’s recollection is heartfelt….a sincere thanks for sharing it.

  • laurie

    Does anyone know WHY they are closing? Is their Park Slope location closing as well?

  • lifer

    I read the lease is up and the landlord pumped the rent up to impossible.

  • WillowtownCop

    I think there was one way down on Court St too.

    Some good places in Brooklyn are Alma on Columbia, Pacifico on Smith, Castro’s on Myrtle, and Pedro’s on Jay.

  • Eason

    DR J, there’s a taco bell 1 block down the street in the Hospital. Just walk through the entrance on Hicks/Atlantic and let the irony begin.

  • brooklynite

    there is a good taco place on smith st. oaxaca http://www.yelp.com/biz/oaxaca-brooklyn

    I am not sure that all of the “Mezcals” are the same as there are at least 5 that I know of in Brooklyn. I am sad to see them go because there will most likely be another empty spot on Atlantic Ave. The food wasn’t that great and IMO overpriced. Plus if you ever looked up the floating pinatas and blow up coronas where covered in a thick layer of dust.

    However what I will miss most is the old man with the GIANT noise maker during the Atlantic Antic.

  • Hicks St guy

    hate to see anything close, but Mezcal was not any good.
    how long for the Spanish place which is overpriced?
    after Alma’s down on Columbia, I never thought of returning to Mezcals.

  • Diane Baker

    Mezcal’s was a piece of my family’s history ,having celebrated with half the neighborhood our 15th,20th and 25th wedding anniversaries there. Nothing beats unlimited margaritas. The menu was hit or miss but if you knew what you wanted,the ordering was done in seconds and you had time to see everyone on a Sunday night and catch up on their families. Adios mi corazon

  • Matthew Parker

    @Hicks Guy: If the Spanish place you’re referring to is La Mancha, they appear to be doing good business. I go there every few months or so and it’s busy. I was just there two weeks ago. IMHO, the food is good, including the tapas, above average sangria, and the owner, Jose, is a sweethart and creates a fun atmosphere like one would find in Spain.

    Best Spanish food in the City, IMHO, is Sevilla in the W. Village. For more upscale, Toledo is also quite good.

    Here’s my Yelp review: http://www.yelp.com/biz/la-mancha-restaurant-brooklyn

  • PS 8 parent

    I’ll second Castros on Myrtle, very authentic. Is the Mezcals in Park Slope closing as well?

  • Hicks St guy

    Mr. Parker, if I recall correctly, the sangria at LaMancha was $25 per pitcher, which I thought was way overpriced.

  • paul

    I was always mystified by the existence of mezcals but the comments explain a lot, thanks. lots of similar places where I’m from in NC, the food is hit or miss but sometimes really good.

  • Atlantically

    La Mancha always seems empty whenever I walk by, save for the occasional happy hour crowd in the summer, which worries me a bit. Unless they’re doing brisk takeout business, or have honed JIT food inventory, there could be some things hanging around longer than you would hope.