Buh Bye: Mezcal

This tip just in from “Will”:

So sad but thought I’d pass it along– long time Atlantic Avenue mexican place Mezcal’s (between henry and clinton, next to pete’s) is gone!  I remember going there when I was a kid for nachos, it must have been in that spot for at least 20 years!

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  • nabeguy

    If lifer is correct, the only reason that Mezcal’s is closing after a 20 year run is due to rent issues. Regardless of what detractors may say about their food, they haven’t stayed in business that long by doing things wrong. Places like Alma may not even exist if pioneers like this hadn’t opened up the possibilities.

  • Arch Stanton

    Nabeguy, with respect,
    If rent is the issue, it is because they aren’t doing enough business to cover the increase… They aren’t doing the business because they aren’t all that good.

  • lifer

    From Lost City “Mezcals, the longstanding Mexican restaurant between Henry and Clinton, is suddenly gone. A neighbor told me, “Their lease ran out and the rent skyrocketed.” ”

    alot of 10 year leases run out and landlords double rents which is impossible even for places like Patois.

    But what you’re essentially telling us, Arch, is that, say, Happy Days diner has been around so long because of its quality food. ( they can afford Montague st rents but cant get past 2 and a half Yelp stars on over 30 reviews)..

    I understand many people didnt like Mexcals, but places dont always close because of the food.

  • nabeguy

    Yes, Arch, you’re right, they’re not all that good. But they’re there and they
    pay the rent, as they have for 20 years. How good they are is no concern to
    the landlord, only their ability to come up with the dinero at the beginning
    of each month. Good luck to the landlord in finding a business with the same

  • BKHeightsGirl

    @Billy Reno: Chipotle actually does serve margaritas, but they’re pretty terrible. Stick to the Dox Equis.

  • http://loureads.com King Lou

    Well that sucks. It may not have been the best but they did have some good items on the menu. Personally was a big fan of the Tin Tan Burrito. The staff was sleepwalking through the whole thing every time, though. Well that really whittles down the mexican choices in the neighborhood to next to nothing. I recently had a terrible experience at Mexicali down the block, too. Like TERRIBLE. Hopefully someone will open a better one soon.

  • sue

    *sigh*… ever since Old Mexico closed, this was my favorite, spent many evenings there trying to get up the courage to ask them to turn the tv to American sports… the fajitas were great and so were the margaritas. A real loss, not a Mr. Souvlaki-impact loss, but a real loss

  • localdoc

    you can find your haute cuisine in Manhattan if you try, but a more comfortable, ‘easy to fall in’ warm atmosphere you wont find. They were never pretentious but warmly welcomed people for twenty years.