Brooklyn Independent TV Visits Marissa Alperin’s Jewelry Studio

Marissa Alperin Studio is located at 25 State Street, between Willow Place and Columbia Place, across from Palmetto Playground. This is another in BITV’s series on Heights residents, businesses, and institutions.

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  • my2cents

    Marissa seems likle a really nice woman. I love the tricky work desk she has! I could use one at home! I have been by her shop and always thought it was really cool to see a creative artisan in the Heights.

  • landlord

    Her jewelry is really nice, but I can’t believe she’s a mom to two children. She acts and sounds like a child herself. I worry for the future!

  • brooklynite

    Marissa’s jewelry is beautiful. Her shop has so many unique items. It is really a great addition to the neighborhood. I highly recommend her if you are looking to buy jewelry especially engagement/wedding rings.

    Landlord- I wouldn’t be too worried about the future. She is a great mother as well and you would be surprised to know how old she really is. Her boys are extremely well behaved and well taken care of. I hardly think owning/running your own business for the last 7 yrs seems childlike. I also do not think it is fair to judge her ability as a mother based on a 5 minute clip about her jewelry studio.

  • Bob Stone

    Re Landlord’s post: no one who knows Marissa has any doubts about her maturity, business sense and abilities as a mom. And yes, her jewelry is beautiful.

    Bob Stone

  • Mr. DeSmiBo

    I love shopping at the studio… Marissa is such a lovely person and talented jeweler. We are so lucky to have her in neighborhood.

  • a. bray

    Marissa’s studio is a hidden gem that needs to be discovered. Her work is equisite and she is always friendly and willing to work with you to make what you would like. I have been there when her oldest son Diego was there and he is extremely well behaved and friendly. Marissa seems to be doing an exceelent job both profeesionally and personally.

    I would highly encourage anybody interested in unique personalized jewelry to visit her shop.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Looks beautiful. Had no idea about her mom. Glad to hear all is well.