Open Thread Wednesday 2/24/10

Flickr photo by lumierefl

Flickr photo by lumierefl

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  • harumph

    Looking for a podiatrist in the nabe for my 8 yr old daughter – would be grateful for any recommendations.

  • Heights97

    Can anyone recommend someone to help hook up a home theater system (TV, cable box, surround sound, speakers, etc.)?

    Also, I was wondering whether anyone in the neighborhood has Verizon Fios and if so, what they think about it. What Internet speed did you sign up for? Seems like even the slowest option (15k download speed) is a huge step up from Road Runner.

  • othersideofthebridge

    I have access to TWC, RCN and Fios and have to say RCN’s 20mbps plan is cheaper and faster than the other 2. Their bundle packages are also cheaper.

  • lcd

    Does anyone repair radios anymore?? I have a 3 yr.old cambridge soundworks CD/Radio and the digital display has no relation to what station is on. The reception is fine, but the tuning buttons (seek, etc) don’t reflect what actually playing. I brought it down to the computer place next to (?) Sahadi’s, and the guy told me they could fix it – it’s been 3 weeks and the guy is either on vacation, had to take an emergency trip, etc. Basically, a total waste of my time (think I’ll go on Yelp). I don’t see any “radio repair” places these days. Any suggestions? (The CD player works fine and has great sound).

  • AAR

    Alert to my BH friends and others who use Pay Pal — just got a fraudulent email from “Pay Pal” (not really) saying my account was on termporary hold. Stupid me, I clicked on the link and got to something that looked very like the Pay Pal screen and entered information to re-verify my account. Bad idea! Charges started flowing! Fortunately the credit card company caught it! (No need to add sympathetic or snarky comments – just beware!)

  • PennyRC

    The Pier 6 Dog Run is opening soon! The run is located at the foot of Atlantic Avenue, on the last pier of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It will be opening in late spring. We are currently looking for dog owners/walkers to join the Pier 6 Dog Run Volunteer Group. Email to stay updated on the run and learn about fun events for you and your pooch.

  • liam

    i’ve been very satisfied with dr john pace
    @ 398 court st near carrol
    d/b/a Carrol Gardens Podiatry
    it’s a bit of a walk from the hgts
    but he’s been the best for my family

  • harumph

    Thanks Liam – will check out the site

  • No One of Consequence

    there is a place on Henry just south of Atlantic. I don’t know what it’s called and have never been in there, but from walking by it’s one of those old school electronics repair places. Signs say things like TV repair, etc. At least it was there the last time I went by.
    Probably your best (and only) place to try.

    oh, I just looked on google maps streetview and it’s now either a surgical supply place or shuttered.

  • lcd

    thanks NoC – too bad “radio row” is gone!

  • Heights Low

    lcd – Where was “radio row”? My grandfather told me stories of working for a place on Montague Street installing “radios” back in the day. Funny how I settled in the same place without him telling the story until after…..

  • lcd

    heights low – actually the radio row I’m thinking of was where the world trade center was built. there were a lot of old electronics places in that area which were all demolished, in spite of a valiant fight. Sy Syms (the educated customer guy) was one of the leaders of the fight – his store is still on the edge of that area – rector st. I think.

  • Peter

    The electronics repair place on Henry is long closed and recently gone. It’s now the very yummy Henry Public.

    Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime. ;-)

  • nabeguy
  • ChrisH

    Heights97, I’m in Concord Village and we switched from TWC to Verizon Fios. Internet speed seems a bit better (it honestly wasn’t bad with TWC, and I am a gamer with a PS3), but the big difference is Fios is (a) much cheaper, (b) has much better customer service, and (c) now that Fios has MSNBC, there is no downside on programming (never watched NY1) *and* you get the NFL network.

  • Arch Stanton

    Icd, did you try to contact Cambridge Soundworks? they probably can direct you to an authorized service center…

  • melanie hope greenberg

    I am going to be interviewed @4pm EST today along with the other authors and illustrators who are participating in the Women’s History Month Celebration.
    Here’s the link to listen:

  • lcd

    arch – i went to J&R where I bought the CD/radio to find an “authorized dealer” – the one they gave me had such BAD reviews, i thought i’d try local first. but no, haven’t been to cambridge soundworks yet. that’ll be my next stop. i don’t want to travel too far with the thing.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Just read that Sid’s Hardware is going out of business. I have lived in the Heights 30 years and can’t remember when it wasn’t there. Guess that restricts us to Montague Street and the one off Court and Remsen.

  • AEB

    Sad! Actually, there’s a third hardware store a few doors south of the one on Court near Remsen.

    When the first store doesn’t have what I need–recently, a humidifier–the second one usually does, even though it’s stock is smaller.

  • nabeguy

    Actually, my wife told me that Sid’s is moving to Hamilton Avenue. I guess they want to take on the big boys of Lowes and Home Depot. Good luck to them.
    AEB, both those stores are part of the Bruno’s mini-chain. The southern one, which was run by Bruno himself up until the time he died, was a true old-style hardware store where you could buy one screw and they give it to you in a tiny paper bag. The northern branch was more of a home-supply store.

  • Andrew Porter

    There is a very good podiatrist (re: first post here) in the building at the corner of Clark and Henry. Jules and Trepal, 115 Henry Street, 1-718-624-8022.

  • bornhere

    Has anyone been having problems with (Time Warner) Internet today?

  • AEB

    bornhere, I for one haven’t. But if YOU have, may I suggest a call–as dreary as the proposition is–to TW to ask about neighborhood outages, or other local dificultues.

    I know: that was the one thing you wanted to avoid doing….

  • AEB

    …and thanks, nabe, for the h-ware store info….

  • bornhere

    AEB — I finally made THE call. It took me all day to steel myself for the experience. They said there’s “intermittent service” on my cable, no neighborhood-wide problem, and that they can send a technician. On March 9. Gotta love ’em ….