Swizzle Guests at Ricky’s Montague Party


As previously reported, BHB pal Dick Swizzle — host of the Sudden Death Game Show at Magnetic Field — will be staging a version of his triviafest at Ricky's (107 Montague Street) opening party Friday night (9/7/07).

Ricky's, which staged a "soft" opening last week was first greeted with minor controversy over its sale of certain "adult" items. However, that prudish caterwauling was drowned out but the giddy shouts of glee from Brooklyn Heights residents under 70.  

After Swizzle was seen sporting a new hairdo at Wednesday's SDGS, rumors flew regarding his new look.  Not since Mia Farrow chopped off her locks while filming Rosemary's Baby has there been such chatter around someone's coiffure. However sources tell us that Dick's "real hair" will be back and ready for action at the party.

No word on if the banana in a straw hat will make an appearance.

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  • yawn

    Oh Narcisism, thy name is Swizzle.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Gee, I thought it was Christopher Lasch.

  • http://www.dickswizzle.com Dick Swizzle

    Man this Dick Swizzle guy is Awesome! What does Narcisism mean?

    Dick.. Uh I mean Anonymous Writer